Ireland – Cistercian Abbey 1996

Ireland Cistercian Abbey 4 bw

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colour print scanned and converted to BW, original taken with a Pentax PZ-1 with a Pentax FA 28-80 zoom lens

I have forgotten the town name, but it was about two thirds of the way across from Dublin to Sligo

this photo recently got a little extra attention on flickr and it is one of my favourite shots from my trip to Ireland, and so I blogged it.

Greenwich, a photographic view


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I was rummaging through some old diskettes and came across this scan file of a photo print of Greenwich, England. This is from a trip either in 1993 or 1996. More likely 93. I love London and have been there three times. Maybe I will get back soon. The camera in question a Pentax PZ-1 and a 28-80 Pentax FA zoom lens 3.5 – 4.5 aperture. I went to the National Maritime Museum there but was lazy and did not walk all the way up the hill to the Observatory. Near where my cruise boat docked two ships were berthed: Chichester’s solo global circumnavigation tiny ship and the Cutty Sark. In those days you could tour aboard the Cutty Sark. Now I believe it is in dire need of restoration.

Ancient Greek sculpture: horse’s head – from 15 years ago at the British Museum


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I have been to London four times and on this trip took about 19 rolls of film over 9 days. Back then there were fewer restrictions on photography in the British Museum and the National Portrait Gallery.

This larger than life size horse’s head was very striking and I took photos from all around it.

Pentax PZ-1 is a great 35mm flim camera

water toys waiting to be bought and carried across the sand at Wasaga Beach

photography is about light and shadow, walking with camera in hand around Wasaga Beach, the colour of these inflatable beach toys caught my eye and so I made a photograph, not your typical beach shot, but it takes me back to the beach and that day and that is all I ask of a photograph.

Wasaga Beach 2

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old mill wooden teeth on large gear

old mill wooden teeth on large gear

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great subject at a local historic site, river mill. I spent about an hour shooting with various cameras, too many possibles, but a lot of fun.

Coldwater Mill, Coldwater Ontario, Canada  – dates back to 1835 if my memory serves me correctly.

detail of triple expansion steam engine

detail of triple expansion steam engine

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I took this photo at a Muskoka lake town museum about holiday boats going back to 1900. It is one of my favourite photographs of machinery.  Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada, Grace and Speed Museum.

Ft. Verde medical office bottles

Ft. Verde medical office bottles

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taken with my first digicam back in 1999 at Ft. Verde, AZ, a 1880s-90s US ARMY Post involved in the Apache Wars. some manipulation of the image in software. The Sony Mavica FD-7 camera used 3.25 micro-diskettes and made images that were a whopping 37 kb in size.