fish trap – functional object with beautiful abstract lines and shape

fish trap

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wonderful shape to this wooden fish trap – it is hanging inside a block house at Ste. Marie. I have been visiting this historic site over the past 45 years. I first visited it before the current reconstructed site had been built. The original mission was built in the 1640s. In 1649 the mission was burnt to the ground during a war between the Wendat of the area and the attacking Iroquois.

Ste. Marie Among the Hurons web site

It is located about 100 miles due north of Toronto and is well worth a visit.

maple leaf forever

one perfect leaf

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sometimes in photography it helps in composition to simplify and this photo offers just one perfect maple leaf so that the viewer can run their eyes along the outline edges of the red perfection

Where I live now and where this leaf fell is on the shores of Georgian Bay.

Some 35 years ago my parents and my sister and I planted three trees on the waterfront section of newly filled in ground in front of our new cottage. Two maples and one oak. They have grown to a great height and survived some acid rain damage or some similar blight. The local squirrel population and the chimpmunks like the acorns and the maple “keys”. I enjoy watching their acrobatics on this arboreal airborne squirrel highway.

Every year I enjoy the fall colour change more.

“Water? What water?”

“Water? What water?”

When I wander around with my camera around my neck I am looking. What catches my eye sometimes is a simple arrangement of lines, a pleasing pattern. What helps make a better photograph is a contrasting simple background.

In this photograph there are lines of the green grass plants against the water covered rocks of Georgian Bay.

I think my eye is happy to move back and forth from the green lines to the water and the light on the water and the colours and shapes of the rocks beneath the water.

dog in the wind

dog in the wind

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must be a super sized thrill for the wind to rush through that sensitive nose

that is Georgian Bay peeking into the top left corner

Composition choice – I cropped this image to set Mr. Dog in the right lower “power point” of this photographic composition very deliberately.

dog stories – Diamond the late, great golden

One that comes to mind…. one evening I took her to the park at the end of my street in Toronto when she was about a year old.  Met another dog owner and was talking to her. It was early Spring and the snow had gone and a natural hockey rink annually set up on the playing field was still up (the boards). I noticed something hanging from Diamond’s mouth. It looked to me like a bit of black tape torn from a hockey stick and that the bit had probably emerged from one of the snowbanks that had recently finished melting. Took a bit of work but caught her and reached to take the “tape” out of her mouth. It turned out to be the “mummified” body of a small black squirrel. The woman dog owner just about threw up when she realized what I was carrying to one of the park garbage cans. All along the way to the can, Diamond was bouncing beside me hoping to get her prize back.

Beat hangout – Sir Francis Drake Hotel

Sir Francis Drake hotel

beat poetry interview book on the table in the lobby of the Sir Francis Drake Hotel

I took the photo using a Canon G2 digital camera, brought into an imaging software package that had the art effect that faded colour halfway from the image. The idea for using the effect was to hearken back to the BW days of the fifties and the Beat poets of San Francisco.

Doc’s Place – formerly Ed Ricketts laboratory in Monterey

click here to see a photo of the old lab

Ed Ricketts Lab, once upon a time

Ed Ricketts was a friend of author John Steinbeck and served as the model for the character, Doc, in Cannery Row and several other works, set in and around Monterey, California.

veterans in an Ontario village

marching from the Legion Branch to the Cenotaph

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veterans from around the area came together for a parade and ceremony at the cenotaph in my village here in central Ontario

about 70 people came to witness the ceremony

this photo was taken by me with an old Pentax Spotmatic 35mm SLR camera with Super Takumar 105mm f2.8 lens

West German Olympia portable typewriter 1960s

West German Olympia portable typewriter 1960s

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became the family student typing machine in the late 60s, purchased by my parents and used by my sister and I….still have it, it still works.

looking on the net about old typewriters I found that this is part of a series of Olympia models still highly regarded as among the very best portable typewriters made.

see my newst old OLYMPIA TYPEWRITER,

To see a remarkable collection of vintage typewriters see:

Martin Howard Antique Typewriters Collection