dialysis catch up

I have had my dialysis head down recently.   Things were not looking so great about a month, almost two months back.   More recently, treatments have been smooth.  Next week two tests on Tuesday and a third on Thursday should give more complete information.

My tactic to do what I could to help things was to concentrate on dropping some weight and watching my fluid intake like a French Foreign Legionaire crossing the desert.  Smaller food portions and as little salty food as possible.   As little processed food and cutting out junk food almost completely. So I have dropped about 14 kilograms.

about 18 months ago I was down to a whisper away from my weight during my university days, but let it creep way back up.  Now I am back down to within 9 kg of that recent low mark.

I hope the tests scire good news next week.

self portrait Nov. 1, 2014

this week marks my sixth anniversary of dialysis for kidney failure  (November 6 2014) and it is a wonderful thing to be alive.

technical details: Nikon d3100 dx format dslr with Nikon 35mm f1.8 G lens set to f2, I held the camera out reversed to face me at arms length.