tires and tires

Throwing caution to the wind, I am just finished loading my summer tires, fall and spring too, into the car and am off to Cdn Tire in Midland to have them swapped on for my winter tires on rims.  Heavy suckers. But all went well in the cool sunshine.  Have a great day, I plan on being above average for ten hours today.

10 things I think about photography

Ten things I think I think about photography and : (apologies to Peter King)

1. I think I should spend less time on PN and more taking photographs.

2. I think that it is all about the light.

3. I think that I should have stuck with my first SLR, a Pentax SP 1000 and bought a couple more lenses and stopped right there.

4. I think digital is too easy but I am too lazy.

5. I think that some days I really have no idea what I am doing with my camera and other days when that is perfectly all right.

6. I think the internet is a great place for people to be less polite than they would be if standing within slapping distance.

7. I think photography is a beautiful thing.

8. I think looking and seeing are two different things.

9. I think I should sell all my cameras and all my lenses and keep just one body and one lens.

10. I think that one day I will figure out which camera is the one and which lens is the one. It won’t be the Soligor non-AI 400mm f6.5 telephone pole disguised as a telephoto lens.

a few Hail Marys – poem

I watched the lightning dart
way off to the right over the trees and the hills
a few cars followed me through town
I got to the hospital before the rain arrived
but I could smell all the dark wetness
as I walked slowly in

I have no way to go but forward
growing patience and understanding
inventing new games of chance
new spreads of the Tarot cards
and I always say a few Hail Marys
to carry me through to the other side

Secret, silly charms – a poem

It’s time for you to stay home
not pop up in my dreamscape

this is your final warning
I know a lot of really rude dragonflies
don’t ask what they are capable of

I  don’t drink Bordeaux anymore
it landed on the list of things you spoiled

we won’t review all my contributions to that list
I am sure you have no recollection at all
to mutter over while stuck in line somewhere

I was wasting some time over coffee the other day
and wrote down all our old code words, our secret, silly
charms against the dark and that damned clock.

April glances

There was sun and heat today, a welcome change. We are to get some thunder showers tomorrow and even warmer air.  The grass still looks tired and brown, not really awake yet.  I am not watching the Stanley Cup playoffs.  I was trying to get an interest going in audiobooks but it’s not quite magic.  Found an off-leash dog park nearby and I may take my guy over to make some new dog friends.  Still playing with cameras.  Still planning on getting organized one fine day. Reading a biography of General William Tecumseh Sherman. We are just tearing through Georgia right now. And then onto Savannah.  Don’t I wish. I did visit Beaufort a few years ago.  Wonderful tidal marshes.

The photo appears to be the first one I ever posted to my flickr account – November 12, 2004 and it has been viewed 52 times.

Poem – the sun is hiding

the sun is hiding but the fields
are flooding out
throwing away all of the winter
the bare trees are starting
to pay attention to the birds
and the farmer is standing
by the door of his truck
he can see the school bus
all yellow and old rolling up
to his gate – he listens to the ticking
of his truck’s engine as it cools