musing technologically – self publishing

I was messing around with a file for a friend, sliding a logo into a business card.  He is the president of a local chapter of a provincial association and has found these home made business cards handy. It simply gives him a token with his name, phone number, the web site of the chapter and the blog for the chapter.  It suddenly dawned on me how much personal control we have and have had for quite a while to do this kind of self publishing.

In the past twenty years I have self published about a dozen chapbooks of poetry,  some by others, many by me.  I ended up using MS Publisher for that to manage the page numbering and print order for booklets half the size of a letter sized sheet with four pages per sheet.  Early on I used full sized letter pages and various kinds of cover material and bindings.

Canoe Poems 1998

Overshoe Hockey League 1993

It’s the Dry Time, T.S. 1983

Easy Poems 1985

Grace playing with her pal Rufous

Grace is 13 months and Rufous is 19 months. We stopped by Rufous’ house, he has a nice big fenced in back yard and the two GRs wrestled and chased each other for about an hour. Grace is now napping.

Watching these two play wrestle reminded me of a few years back when my first two golden retrievers, Diamond and Shakespeare, used to imitate wild wolves, flashing teeth and snarling in their mock battles.  Diamond died aged 9 in 2006 and Shakespeare died at age 10 one year ago yesterday exactly.  Both died of abdominal tumours likely on their livers.  I loved them both enormously and miss them greatly.  Often when I look at Grace I see them.  Once in a while I call Grace “Diamond” which makes my heart crack a little and then I try to embrace the joy of the moment with Grace.

Shakey on the lakefront grass – 3 weeks before he died

taken three weeks before he died – the late great dog “Lucky Shakespeare”, son of Lucky and Lady who belonged to my Texas friend, Kelly

Shakey was ten and a half years old when we lost him to a large tumour on July 24, 2009. I think of him every day, he would have enjoyed having Grace around, he certainly loved his big sister, Diamond.

day surgery

Back home after day surgery this morning to patch my fistula, the access site for dialysis. A slight plan change. instead of taking a bit of vein from my ankle, the surgeon decided he could patch without that and so simply an incision in my forearm and the removal of some tissue that was narrowing the fistula. Simpler than plan A. Very little discomfort. Although I have a prescription for Tylenol 3 I have no interest in dealing with the accompanying constipation that the codeine gifts one from that painkiller. No thanks. So back to dialysis tomorrow and armed with secret past knowledge about one of the dialysis clinic nurses provided by an old friend of hers who admitted me to the surgical department this morning. What are friends for.