archaeological road trip

tagged along with a small group who know lots more about Huron sites and archaeology than I do.  We were testing a theory that the lot and concession written in a report of work done around 1900 near Orillia was misrecorded.  Perhaps an arabic 5 for a true 8 or the same numbers recorded in error from roman numerals: v and viii.  The accompanying description does not match the lot and concession number but does match a concession three concessions to the east which has the long view of Lake Couchiching mentioned in the description.  This is described as a large village site but no excavation work has ever been done.  It might be Cahiague, the village that Champlain visited when he entered Huronia in 1615. He described it as having 200 long houses.

My job was to take photos to show the discrepancy between location, descrpition and the actual landform and view.  A fun, informative and sunny day.

Sprang a leak at dialysis

Yesterday at the end of dialysis, I was holding my two sites after the nurse had removed the needles and lines and I got distracted.  I felt warm and wet under my forearm and looked down.  It was my blood.  Enough to cover a dinner plate.  We got it under control.  Thas is the second time I have had  a problem.  The first leak was minor.  This one was larger but not a problem, it did mean that the pillow my arm had been resting on had to be tossed out.

10 things I think about photography

Ten things I think I think about photography and : (apologies to Peter King)

1. Digital may be the way to go.

2. I wish my eyes were not starting to go and therefore I didnt need to rely on autofocus.

3. I think that I should have stuck with my first SLR, a Pentax SP 1000 and bought a couple more lenses and stopped right there.

4. When I am really daydreaming I wish I was like Robert Capa or Tim Page, but then I remember one got killed and the other got wounded four times the last time in his brain.

5. I wonder what happened and I turned into a snapshooter.

6. I think the internet is a great place for people to be less polite than they would be if standing within slapping distance.

7. I think photography is like breathing.

8. I think looking and seeing are two different things.

9. I am glad we took lots of family photos, Some days I wish I had not always been on the viewfinder side of the camera

10. Every day I take a camera with me when I go out. Most days I make a photograph. And this makes me happy

picking a single classic manual film camera

On in the Classic Manual Camera Forum someone asked if you had to cull your collection of film cameras and keep just one camera and three lenses what would you select.

My choice would be the Pentax Spotmatic. The three lenses would be the Super Takumar 28mm f3.5 (landscape), 50mm f1.4 (general use), 105 f2.8 (portraits). These lenses are of all metal construction and superb quality optically.

My first 35mm film camera was a Pentax SP1000 which I bought after making a pile of money working construction at the Syncrude project on the Athabasca Tar Sands in northern Alberta in 1975.   This was the camera I used in my university days.

You can see what other film camera nuts thought in the thread found here

lion in sun

an old photo of mine on flickr, the late great Sundance Kid who lived for 17 years, someone today on flickr fav’d this shot

scan of 4×6 print – Kodak Pony 135 Camera with a Kodak Anaston Lens 51mm f4.5 with Fuji Superia 200 film — the old Pony is a 1950s camera I bought used around 2002. it produced surprisingly crisp shots for a zone scale focusing camera.

Shakespeare meditates on tennis ball

I lost him last year in July to a tumour, he was 10 and a half years old….my best friend, my teddy bear, who loved swimming in Georgian Bay, it was an honour to have him come live with me as a puppy.