new beach park in Victoria Harbour, Ontario

Tay Township put in place this small beach park in downtown Victoria Harbour, next to what was once the covered town dock but which has more recently been assumed by the Federal Govt.

Nice sandy beach, fairly shallow for the kids, lots of sod put in, a gazebo and a few tall shade trees, although a good umbrella might be a wise thing to bring along, remember your sun safety.

Sony H50 shot of the new Gazebo

Ireland – Cistercian Abbey 1996

Ireland Cistercian Abbey 4 bw

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colour print scanned and converted to BW, original taken with a Pentax PZ-1 with a Pentax FA 28-80 zoom lens

I have forgotten the town name, but it was about two thirds of the way across from Dublin to Sligo

this photo recently got a little extra attention on flickr and it is one of my favourite shots from my trip to Ireland, and so I blogged it.

door latch 1640s reconstruction

door latch

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Ste. Marie Among the Hurons is a reconstruction of the 1640s fortified French mission located just east of Midland, Ontario. The reconstruction was undertaken in 1967. The original buildings were burned to the ground during the Iroquois campaign against the Huron in 1649.

This photo is of a door in the French compound. The French had a blacksmith’s forge at Ste. Marie.



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visited here back in 2002, have only travelled twice since then, maybe it is time for another journey, however without a current passport I may have to limit myself to Canada, which is no bad thing.

this house was designed by Jefferson and is beautiful, thoughtful, and much smaller than I had anticipated….

you can see the two wing buildings on the edges of frame left and right….running underground between the two wings and the central main house are storage, work rooms and servants (slaves) rooms…

the house is situated on the top of a hill and has wonderful views in several directions.

across to Port McNicholl

across to Port McNichol

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the old grain elevators at Port as seen from the Albert St. dock in Victoria Harbour, Ontario taken around noon on November 8, 2006. (Nikon 5700 camera zoomed out to 280mm equivalent – so you can see it is a fair way across to Port).
clarify function in PSP 9 used to manipulate brightness and contrast

there is talk of a major real estate development over at Port

there used to be major gardens and major dock there for Great Lakes passenger ships, the grain ships came down from Thunder Bay (Port Arthur and Fort William in those days) up at the top of Lake Superior.

men who died building the Empire State Building

“On January 31, 1931, two Italian day laborers, Luis DeDominichi and Guiseppi Tedeschi, died as the result of a fall. Four others — steelworker Reuben Brown and carpenters Sigus Andreasen, Frank Sullivan, and A. Carlson — would join them before construction was complete.”

Nearest Thing to Heaven: the empire state building and american dreams by Mark Kingwell