Hollywood Animal by Joe Eszterhas, a memoir of love and betrayal

highly recommended, although I am only part way through and I am not sure if my escalating cynicism will transmute into realism…based on Joe’s accounts of the dream factory…..his childhood, the discovery of the true past of his parents, and then his battle to overcome throat cancer…. a funny, sad, moving, inspiring book….the fellow can sure write

Station – a poem

we took the plastic bags of leaves

to the recycling station

formerly known  as the dump


the guy on the scales quizzed us

and passed us through

they want to know how many bags of leaves

come to be ground up


I studied the 50 foot tall pile of wood chippings

and beside it the pile of branches and scrap wood

all waiting to be ground up


lately I feel like I have already been dropped off

I am in the wood pile

the guy who runs the chipper is having coffee


the sun is shining and I hope he doesn’t rush back

map showing provinces I have visited

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Of  course, I have not been up to the northern most section of each province, although I have been to Fort McMurray in Alberta, but only up to Saskatoon in Saskatchewan and not very north at all in Manitoba or BC. No farther north than Mont Tremblant in Quebec and along the north shore of Superior on the Trans Canada Highway. Missed out on Cape Breton and the Gaspe Peninsula. But lots of places near the US border.