I have been watching the news about the launch and wondering just how realistic a device this will be for viewing internet pages.  I was intrigued by the new Microsoft virtual coffee table (?) interface recently unveiled. The wonders they dream up and sometimes they really work in the real world. I remember reading years ago a book about new technologies and how often they were invented with one intention for use and ended up becoming something unimagined.  Bell thought the telephone was going to be the device to deliver music into homes.

Shelby Cobra

Shelby Cobra

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probably the coolest car I saw yesterday at the cruisers Sunday evening display at the Canadian Tire parking lot in Midland, Ontario, Canada

I had never seen one “in person” – beautiful shape, huge engine, black seemed like the perfect paint colour for this beast.

3 pens

I am always looking for the perfect pen and I usually fail to find it. One that keeps coming back into my favour at least for awhile is the veteran Pilot Fineliner.  These have been around for a long time and write very smoothly. The nylon (?) tip eventually rounds over with use. They are a reasonably priced pen. After a while I get bored with them, but I always come back to them.

The second is another Pilot, the V7 Hi-Techpoint.  Smooth ink flow, a pleasure to use for handwriting.

Finally, a real classic and a very old design that still remains available, the Parker T-ball Jotter. This is a great ball point pen. I have an old plain silver coloured pen which takes refills that are still readily available. I bought a red barrel model a couple of years ago. Last year I bought a blue barrel model. Managed to leave it inside the pocket of some jeans. It did not survive a trip through the washing machine.  Light pressure for handwriting. Classic design. A pleasure to write with this pen. A pleasure to write with all of these.

Ste Marie among the Hurons – swallow

this swallow had a nest inside one of the reconstructed buildings at this fortified French mission from the 1640s located near Midland, Ontario, Canada – technical stuff – cropped image from Nikon Coolpix 5700 handheld

old style greasy spoon

old cafe in Coldwater, Ontario….this look is all over North America…the milk shake machine in the background is a style I have seen in hundreds of restaurants….vinegar for fries, napkin holder, ketchup, sugar container…simple, familiar, reliable