Drop off

this morning my friend, Jamie Hunter picked me up at home and drove me to Midland for coffee. He then delivered me to the dialysis unit for my treatment. First time in seven and a half years a friend has done that. That says volumes about my cranky nature more than about anyone’s sense of charity. Until last year I usually delivered myself. Now my sis does. She got this morning off to put her feet up. This afternoon she brought me home. She is the best.

Funny old day

One  of those old chock-full days. Crammed a lot in. Medical appointment then a lunch out treat. I paid the price in the middle of the afternoon when I became seriously fatigued. I would not give in  instead I bulldozed through and found myself needing to lie down in the early evening. This kind of sudden fatigue is really part and parcel of the dialysis experience.

Part of today was helping a friend who is technologically challenged to try out the dictation function for entering text into his laptop computer. Test worked well and he was quite intrigued and I believe he will have some success using this method.


In fact I have used this dictation verbal dictation method to enter most of the text in this post.

2 photos today

I am trying to take at least one almost good photo per day and aim to do this for 365 days

Fujifilm S8200 (40x zoom)

Two Canada Geese grazing on our shore, no goslings in sight yet + a small pierced lid brass box that I use for stamps




cardio rehab exercise start

This week I was assessed for exercise rehab following my open heart surgery.  Received some helpful notes and started two part routine: aerobic (walking) and muscle resurrection (hand weights).  This morning I used my walker to stroll quickly inside the house.  Fifteen minutes at a quick pace seemed like a small proof  of the Theory of Relativity. The cats were amused. I was a tiny bit winded and my recovery was easy and also quick.DSC04895DSC04897


Outside we received a few inches of snow with high winds during the night.  Georgian Bay is still rolling its waves. Today is bright sun shine and some -10 C.  A perfect Spring day. Laughing hysterically out loud.

Photos of our shore and the boathouse made with Sony Nex F3 and 18-55mm lens.