getting out of ’13

yesterday was a dialysis morning, not my regular day, but a special switch for the two holiday weeks this year, and driving out of Penetang and into Midland on my way home I was afraid of an accident.  the snow was heavy and visibility got down to something crazy like 20 feet. So I pulled into a mall on Hwy 93 and had lunch and eyeballed the snowfall.

I managed to creep home safely along Hwy 12 to Victoria Harbour

perhaps the absolutely worst winter driving I have ever experienced for poor visibility….there was a black ice day in Toronto a long time ago, when I rented in the beaches and could not get up the hill and north to work, cars were sliding backwards helplessly into parked cars and other motorists…..that day I retreated and worked from home.

New Year's Day snow load 2

the kindness of nurses

Today in Penetang the snow fell for most of the afternoon. I was at dialysis, and around 4 pm about thirty minutes before I was done two of the nurses coated and booted up and went out and brushed off the cars of the four nurses and the cars of two of the patients who drove themselves. One of those was me. I thanked them profusely and cancelled the lumps of coal I had ordered for them. in thirty five minutes after they brushed my car, about another two inches had accumulated. Lots of snow in Penetang and Midland, not too bad here in Victoria Harbour.

The photo below I took of the car next to mine.

front of the hospital today
front of the hospital today

driver and the passenger

I was able to escape.  I, the passenger, got out of the car and headed to my car.  I was nauseous and more than a little upset. I got away from the worst driver I have ever had the displeasure to ride with today.  Worst driver in my life.  He drove his pickup truck(full sized) like it was a Porsche. We started off by shooting the angled gap between two parked cars with about a foot to spare on either side at 50 kph and accelerating.  Whipped inot an adjoining parking lot and ran over some speed calming bumps at 60 kph.  Pulled a couple of Gs cornering and accelerating. Why is it that a man nearly 60 years old has to drive like an 18 year old punk with his first set of wheels and virtually no common sense.  A personality revelation.


I get  the frist in several eye tests today.  It is a matter of some interest to me, I may not have correctable vision to the standard of the MOT and could lose the privilege of driving a car.  This would place a burden on my sister to drive me to dialysis runs early in the morning and I would hate to do that to her.  I am not keen to lose my license, I don’t do much with my car freedom but it would hurt to lose  it.

My current car is a 2002 Chevy Impala. Used to drive a  VW Gold Diesel.  Before that a Ford Escort, Ford Thunderbird (my one adventure in car leasing), a Mercury Comet, Mercury Bobcat.  And on one fateful day I drove a  red Mercury Cougar to Sunnybrook Hospital to accompany my father, who had to go in for a brief stint.  That was one large car.

Got the test results and I can keep my driver’s license.  Good news is welcome news.