the s*** has arrived

found this outside my back door this morning, with a howling wind for spice.   Today will  be my first day with a bag for all weather use of my air cast on my ulcer wounded left ankle, should be interesting.

back door view - first snow of the winter of 2011-12 - William J. Gibson
back door view - first snow of the winter of 2011-12

heel progress report

“Fantastic,” said the plastic surgeon looking at the healing of my heel, excuse the redundancy of that. A ferociously difficult drive through the steady rain down from Georgian Bay to downtown Toronto to St. Michael’s Hospital.  It was like driving through a 100 mile long car wash. I really detest that dull silvery grey low visibility look like the inside of a dirty fish tank.  With   so much rain there was a ton of spray being whipped around by cars and trucks.  I managed to pry my fingers off the steering wheel in the parking lot and schlepped over to the hospital with my aircast on soaking my open to the elements socked left foot.  Must think of a plastic bag cover one of these days.  A bit of slough (dead tissue) removed and a follow up appointment for the 2oth just five days before the big red suited guy lands. Clinic staff exceptionally upbeat, cheery, and energetic without being at all annoying about that, which was refreshing.

Bessa T101 with 35mm Classic f2.5 lens

Cosina Voigtlander rangefinder aping the Leica IIIF rangefinder film camera using 35mm film. The camera requires an auxilary viewfinder.

below: T101 with 50mm f3.5 collapsible lens reputed to be one of the sharpest 35mm film camera lens made.
Bessa T101

Rolleicord V, classic twin lens reflex camera

the less pricey version of the Rolleiflex camera, the mainstay of press and fashion photographers before the onslaught of the SLR cameras.

Rolleicord V, classic twin lens reflex camera takes 120 roll film to make 6cm x 6cm negatives.

Rolleicord V all “buttoned up”.
Rolleicord V "buttoned up"

Yashica Electro 35

I had this for a time when they were fresh on the market and then I went back to an SLR, a Yashica FR and then a Nikon FG. This 35mm rangefinder with automatic exposure has a very sharp lens. The problem with this camera these days is solving the battery problem. Adapters are available online.