great tv Jack Irish

I stumbled across this Australian production starring Guy  Pearce.

Thais rhriller detective story is terrific. It moves from the comic ( the lads at the bar ) to the romantic to the tragic and the frightening suspense effortlessly. it is a terrific piece of entertainment.

The source is the novels by Peter Temple. Pearce is terrific. Marta Dusseldorp is wonderful. Every character seems rounded, well played and helps move along the plot well and truly.

Highly recommended.


reclaimed old poem, Old Sarum

Old Sarum


We walked the fort’s green mound edge

Threw our eyes along the Roman roads

And pulled in the cool wind.

And waited to repel attackers.

It would have been easy from this green wall.


The bishop took his Cathedral two miles south

To New Sarurn. I can see the spire clearly this day.

I could almost see them walking down the road

Dragging the stone blocks.


The air is damp and cold.

We are among the first here today.

I wish we could come back in the night

And listen for the ghosts in the night

And stand guard together.

The roads stretch out to the horizon,


Thin lines stretched tight.

Pulling the forts together,

Stone beads on a frail string.



from A Quiet Perfect Year



old reclaimed poem, The Kite Question and Answer

I was finally getting down to trudging through some old paper files in one of my filing cabinets, the allegedly organized one.   The Kite Question and Answer   The first thing I ask you is how…

Source: old reclaimed poem, The Kite Question and Answer

reclaimed old Poem, Mariposa Festival 1990

I was finally getting down to trudging through some old paper files in one of my filing cabinets, the allegedly organized one.


At Mariposa 1990


Murray McLaughlin walked down the path

towards the American Airlines tent

the camera crew followed

his barn coat, his baseball cap,

and his cowboy boots,

not necessarily in that order


and Murray walked slowly down

the music was slipping

out from under the tent roof

and the rain had stopped


I watched the music move over the grass

and the crowd was drying out inside and outside


the fur covered boom microphone

looked like a strange country’s flag


and it hung above Murray

like a fur halo once removed.




No call re kidney transplant.

The weather finally slid into summer humidity. Growing up I heard the term “muggy”. Probably from Electric_fanmy Mom. We have several strategically placed fans and two portable air conditioners stuck into windows. The ac units cool and the fans push the cool air down the hallway. It works fairly well. The kitchen stays too warm.  We avoid using the stove during, muggy weather.  The real trouble is the noise of fans and ac.  It makes it very difficult. Difficult to hear the television.  I especially struggle with tight lipped English Inspector James Hathaway on the Masterpiece series Inspector Lewis.Love the character and the series. I hope they carry on with Hathaway in the same way they did after the death of Inspector Morse. Regrettably this is the final season of Inspector Lewis. To combat the noise we have resorted to turning on the Closed Captioning.  Trouble here is that we cannot get one TV to display it. I have crawled through the menus with no luck.


A Hologram for the King (2016) with Tom Hanks. This movie it seems did not do well. Many reviews on IMDB were unhappy rants.  I added my two cents worth. Oh yeah, we don’t have pennies any more. My dime’s worth it is.

“A gentle dream ride of a movie

MILD SPOILERS AHEAD IN THIS REVIEW, PROCEED WITH THAT WARNING IN MIND. I fid16237confess I have not read the novel by Eggers. When I first considered renting this film, the title put me off. Something about “hologram” made me wary. But I put my trust in the artistic judgment of Tom Hanks. I know only a little about life in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A few glimpses of stories of the restrictions and the executions. I was able to comfortably identify with the Clay character (Hanks) as he struggled to move forward in the foreign culture. I understood his flashback recall of his life back in the States. I think they perhaps might have let him more deeply feel and show his fear about his medical concern. But as the story moves forward to the unexpected romance it turns a corner and pays off. The swim is for me one of the greatest movie scenes in my adult life. I will never forget it. Please do choose to watch this film. You will enjoy the dream ride.”

I have been moved to write just a few reviews on IMDB. This is a good film that bounced off the forehead of America. Their  hearts were not ready to open for it.

Watching this reminded me how much I have always loved movies.


Shout out

Do try Complications with Jason Mara. On Netflix.  I first saw him in the US version of Life on Mars.  Good actor.



Sunday tristesse

Rearranged some of the stuff in ye boathouse until my balance system sprang a warning in my noggin. It sweetly asked, “Do you want to land on the cement floor in here?” A few years ago I fell back from some stairs in a basement. Cracked some ribs. Don’t need that. Thank you very much. So I assumed the position of sitting.

image.jpegOnce again the question: can you tell your life story in coffee mugs? Perhaps. Sunny jim here is from a long ago shopping visit to Eaton’s Don Mills. When I was a kid, my Mom would cart us over there. But this little fella is from later days. The U of T item was purchased post graduation to remind me of my terrible effort as an attempted scholar. I have tried harder since then.

Lurking in background, an old Underwood model No. 5 purchased as a castoff from the Huronia Museum.

free advice

There is a reason why free advice is so inexpensive.

Still here goes.

  • the power of compound interest should not be ignored, always save a little from every pay cheque
  • you might be surprised how long you can delay instant gratification
  • in school dig in, if you don’t want to work hard why are you there
  • don’t be afraid to change schools or jobs if they don’t fit
  • treat your body like a temple
  • treat your brain like a muscle that needs to stretch
  • you have to distinguish between when to apply “good enough” or your absolute best
  • remember that on the days you can’t do “your very best” your “just plain good” will be fine
  • if you wouldn’t want your mother to see you or hear you, don’t do that awful, nasty thing or speak like a viscious snake
  • don’t forget to stay in touch with friends, if you don’t you will find your old friends will become “whatever happened to old what’s his name.”
  • be a real member of your community
  • give more than you take
  • take time to imagine and try to walk in the other fellow’s shoes
  • be kind
  • life is the question, love is the answer

my score on these has always been spotty but I’m working on it