lioness cub 2006 at the Elmvale Zoo

I was just about to leave that day at the zoo in Elmvale, Ontario back in 2006. She was with a handler on the grass near the exit. I was able to get about five feet away from her. Those eyes.

She is probably a lot larger now.

I imagine they don’t let her out on that shady, grass strip.

I might go there this weekend.

not just another day

Yesterday and last night while lots of other major news events were rolling out my corner of the universe got a bit ugly.

My foot wounds, slowly healing sores on my left achilles tendon and my ankle turned up their pain register on me last evening and night to the 10 on 10 level. Not a sissy boy hurting a little 10, but a real half Viking to the death 10 or at least 9. I kept looking around for a Viking battle axe to hit myself in the head with to distract me from how much anti-fun I was having with the excruciating pain in my left foot. By the end of the night small nocturnal animals in the area had enlarged the nasty area of their vocabulary, my gift to the night air and I had achived about one hour of sleep.

My doctor away on vacation until September 6th. What to do? Head to Emergency and got some help, an anti fungal, an anti-biotic by IV, and wound care from the CCAC starting tomorrow compliments of my Emergency Room Doctor. Oh, and some pain killers. I will be gettting driven to Dialysis for the next few days by my sister leaving me with the possibility of killing pain with the heave calibre stuff. At least on the way home, does dialysis remove the pain killer, hmmm need to ask about that. CCAC will be showing up twice a day for a few days and hopefull these incredibly long-time lingering foot wound sores will be sent away forever.

At the end of my disabled day, much of it hobbling with a sore ankle and managing only a limited radius of action, I visited the Huronia Museum and witnessed the end of summer day camp, kids waiting around to be picked up by Moms.  Kids racing around, a herd of backpacks set in one zone of the grass area in front of the museum.   All good feeling and energy, a radiant area.  I did my best to step lively around there but I really didn’t have my inner Fred Astaire available.  Hopefully my foot speed will increase soonest.

my photos on flickr – stats – 300k views

blogged from my dialysis chair during my dialysis run today

see table below: I am not sure how to interpret these numbers – 52k for my photostream vs. 238,896 for photos and videos.  This might mean views of photos by search engines that bring the image but not a visit to my actual photostream.

my most viewed photo, just under 12,000 views

Rotring 600 fountain pen - my all time favourite pen


My flickr stats

View counts


So far today


All time

Photos and Videos

79 80 238,896


5 6 52,438


2 3 9,826


0 0 585


0 0 14


86 89 301,759

Huron pipe – same pipe the other side 1600s

I was lucky enough to get asked to photograph a family farm collection of artifacts from the French contact period with the Hurons, therefore the first half of the 16th century. This was part of about thirty artifacts collected from the mid 1960s to the 1980s.

side view of pipe
Huron pipe one side 1600s

Sunday afternoon at the documentaries

using Rogers Movie Channel on demand feature I caught two documentary films: Gloria Steinem in Her Own Words and Last Play at Shea with Billy Joel.  Both great documentaries and both took me back for some serious time travel.  I have always admired Steinem and I had lost track of how much Joel’s music used to mean to me.  Hearing some of his songs from this last concert at Shea Stadium blew me away.  Both films highly recommended.

Poem: At Cat Island, South Carolina 2002

At Cat Island, South Carolina 2002


by the tidewater channel

between two islands

I sat on the pier bench

watching the water

watching the light

on the water


the dolphins rose

and rolled over

breaking the surface

shining grey curls

hunting for dinner

in the turning tide


I listened to them

taking their breath

and off to the west

Marines training

on Parris Island

fired mortars

and machine guns


the sky was grey

trying to be blue

a pelican and egret

showed the white side

of the morning


four vultures soared

over the darkened trees

black wings in the

changed sky

old files

I was poking around in some old files and read my journal from 2001 and was suddenly reliving some nuts and bolts details of my incredibly messy life that year. Whoa, Nelly. Emotions all over the place.

Now,  life is much simpler, still a little messy.  Back then I was hanging with a madman friend, about to lose my job, drinking in this bar regularly. 

This barmaid started to like me a lot more than made sense to me, but my madman friend was a hypervigilant type and always reading people was surprised to read the interest from her to me, but delighted since he was trying to get me hooked up. She was lovely.  Her problem was her common-law husband and there was a daughter about 6 years old.  I arranged to take some portrait photos of her.  No one had thought to do that since she was 14.  One of the other bartenders told my buddy and I about her husband: drunk, abusive, and violent to her. That bartender was telling us this to make it clear that if I wanted to get involved he had read me as a good guy and her as really liking me. 

There was a lot of other things going on in my life and some chickens coming home to roost, a squadron. She was stuck and my life was going in another direction. Nothing happened. We lost touch. I don’t know what happened. I hope she found a better situation. Where I am now wouldn’t be enough help for her and her daughter.

scribefire blog post editor first use

This is an add-on to Firefox and I thought I would check it out.

Getting warmer this afternoon, we may end up shutting the windows and icing up the A/C.

from time to time I consider the choice of taking a short or even a permanent vacation from the digital life.

Perhaps the last two weeks of August will be one of those times.