Sugarfoot and Cadbury

Cadbury next to Grace


two of my favourite portrait subjects, tortoiseshell members of my Team Purr, now almost six years old, the formerly feral kittens are part of the daily texture of my life.  Nikon D3100 with Nikon 18-55 lens.

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old poem – Montego Bay Resort (1996)

from The Black Cat Walks Down (1996)


Montego Bay Resort

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I waken in the bed
Sunlight begins to fill the room
Opens my eyes wider
But it is not you

The fan spins above my head.
I can hear the surf
The sheets of cotton hold me
In the smallest caress
But it is not you

I stand on the balcony
See the sand and water meet
Feel the wind on my bare chest and legs
Pushing gently at me
But it is not you

Later floating in the sea
Counting clouds then closing my eyes
I feel your hands
Support my head and back
But it is not you

That night when I turn the key
coming back to the room
The empty room
The aching empty room
Is full of you.

took Grace out for a bio break and other stuff


It is milder today still below freezing. With the snow we have had and my aircast and I not the best on uneven snow covered ground I have left all the dog walking to my sister of late.  I took Grace out to the road and managed just fine. This aircast for the diabetic ulcer on my left heel is for the birds.  Am looking forward to shucking it for good.

Checked my car to see if the tires were soft.  Had a little trouble with them last month and they resealed the two front tires.  They seem ok today.

My biggest disappointment of the winter entertainment scene is the dim prospect for Prime Suspect with Maria Bello, which has had low ratings.  Not sure if it is going to continue.   Brian F. O’Byrne has been terrific in this as well. First saw him as The Consultant in The International with Clive Owen.   Kirk Acevedo is great too.  I have a real knack for picking high quality tv shows that get low ratings and get zapped.  One of these that was a huge surprise to me when it got yanked was Smith with Ray Liotta, Virginia Madsen, and Simon Baker.  7 episodes about a professional heist crew in 2007.  Going way back a turn of the century western, Nichols, with James Garner.

view from my deck

my Sony ereader and returning library books early

Got my Sony reader for Christmas and have added a number of books, newspapers and magazines to it.  Some from the Sony Reader Store, some from the Gutenberg Project, and some books from my public library.

I have read about 6 books so far and enjoy this book method.

I borrowed Dick Van Dyke‘s memoir from the Midland Public Library and their ebook cooperative, and finished it in two days.  The book was borrowed for 14 days, the default loan period.  That was when the trouble started.  I dropped by at the library on the way home and spoke with one of the librarians who was knowledgeable about ebooks and readers but we could not work out how to return a book early.  I puzzled it out last night.

It may be in the user guide but I did not check there.  As an old tech writer, that was quite a sin.

With the Sony Reader running and a wi-fi connection, open the Books folder from the Home screen.  Change the view of books from cover icons to the text list of books.  Then press the options button and go to the second page of options for that screen and view.  Return library books is an option that you can select.  Only the library books show a check box for you to check to make your selecction of returns.  Press done, found at the top right of the screen.  And back they go.


yesterday’s drive to Sodom on Lake Ontario

I had an appointment at 130pm at St. Michael’s Hospital in the downtown core of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  I lived in Toronto for 42 years so I have some experience in driving in its clogged traffic, but I have lived on Georgian Bay for ten years and I am used to the lighter traffic up here.  What’s more Toronto traffic is widely believed to be worse and getting worse each year.

The weather was poor, fog and rain all the way down and most of the way back up.  Around 7 pm I had reached Barrie on the return drive and decided to stop to unwind over a coffee and having finished it I walked out to get back on the 400 north and encountered a sharp drop in temperature and a strong wind.  The day’s drive had been bad with the fog and rain and all the vehicle spray especially the treat of having a tractor trailer pass by at 120km per hour.

The wait was medium for the Ontario health care sytem, 90 minutes.   I was there about the diabetic ulcer slowly healing on the back of my left ankle, my glacially healing heel.  My care at this appointment was from a chiropodist and a student nurse specializing in wound care.  The nurse’s accent place him as originally from eastern Europe.  His English was flawless.  The treatment last about twenty mninutes.  The wound is better.  It will still be several months before new skin forms a complete covering.

I have a return appointment next week at which I will see the plastic surgeon.  At the moment a skin graft does not seem to be in my future.  They seem to want me to heal this on my own.  Which makes sense.  If it takes months to heal the wound, the new wound from the incision to harvest skin for the graft would also take months to heal.

I have been wearing an aircast to off load the left heel.  I find I am tippy with this the air cast.  I wrap a small plastic retail bag around the open toe and tape it to the cast to keop my foot from getting soaked and freezing in the winter weather, both the rain and snow we have had this season.

I am also using a wooden cane with a flip down winter claw foot to snap in place of the rubber tip, for ice and snow and for balance.  Curbs and stairs are more interesting these days.

I walk well on level ground, but on uneven ground or bumpy and patchy snow I do less well. I follow my instructions and shorten my stride and take it slow.

It is hard to judge when this all began for a sore started on my other foot first but healed on its own.  This heel has been almost six months.   Perhaps another two to three months to go to get it well.

attitude adjustment needed

the past year of medical difficulties has had a lingering and damaging effect on my attitude

I need to make an adjustment

my automatic cursing switch has been reset, I will keep you updated how that is going….

I will be growing and preserving patience, cultivating calm, and cutting the entire universe more slack, while stretching out to two miles my currently microshort sized fuse.

the devil is in the details and the devil is not my friend.

for many sardonic chuckles by all means dip into The Devil’s Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce

dodged another medical bullet

Friday during dialysis a rather insistent pain developed that ran from my chest near my heart down to my abdomen.  I bailed out of dialysis after 90 minutes and an ambulance took me to emergency in the Georgian Bay Hospital in Midland.  I was admitted.  I was watched carefully for awhile and some blood test were made to check if I had some kind of cardiac event.  I was admitted to a general ward with a remote cardiac monitor.   Nothing wrong with my heart.  BP got high a couple of times over the next 24 hours.  The pain was gone by Sunday morning and I was released on Monday morning in time to get to afternoon dialysis.  My sister drove me to my D clinic for the normal Monday afternoon 4.5 hour run.

three other beds in my room…. hard not to hear all the conversations, a couple of the men were hard of hearing….. detailed and persistent cross examination by family members trying to find out what was going on with their ill family member…..  I think all of us patients grew quickly tired of all the cross examinations….. when you are tired and feeling overwhelmed and a family member is pinning down your vague answers you do your best to answer but you wish they would just let it go or more ideally that they were present when the doctor drops in and gives you a verbal update which you may not recall letter perfectly…..nothing ever on paper.