Carhagouha cross – 1615 first Mass in Ontario (Champlain)

Carhagouha cross

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a Mass is still said at this spot each year to commemorate the first Catholic Mass said in Ontario in 1615 — drove up to this location this morning before the thunderstorms hit. It is a little strange to walk around the spot where about 400 years ago Samuel Champlain stood. I read a biography of him recently and the vague recollection of him from my grade school social studies classes rose to a new level of appreciation of a remarkable figure in the first days of Canada. Today the mosquitoes and I reflected on the passage of 400 years. It also occurred to me that someone is going to have a serious task to cut the grass at this site to make it reasonably passable for the annual Mass. Today it was about two and a half to three feet tall.