Baby, it’s cold outside

Somebody turned off the heat out there and the wind is a lot more than a breeze. Now it isn’t quite February out there but you don’t linger outdoors if you can avoid it. Lots of leaves down before the big colour show has kicked in. Got to cut this short the cat wants the laptop out of my lap. Whtn winter is deep and frozen I will look fondly on the dulcet temps of September.

did a little decluttering, a never ending battle, by tossing a pile of magazines, but kept and sorted some as well, progress is a day to day thing ain’t it

the pup had a brief gunfight with one of the dragons, um, cats… no felonies were committed.

watching a dvd of a recent tv series from the UK called City of Vice, set in the 1700s with Henry and John Fielding, who created the first police force in England, the Bow Street Runners…..entertaining history lesson.

more walking

Took another long walk around our long block last night, started out in twilight, finished in the dark, glad I took along a small flashlight. I may be overdoing it. My lower back was aching pretty good. Several times I had to stop and bend over to ease it. At one of these pauses, two guys working in a garage beside a house asked me if i was okay. I said yes, They added it looked like I was having trouble breathing. I siad breathing fine, back sucks. Once I got done and home and sat down, my back stopped aching. so today a shorter distance.


I have a stress test coming up in about three weeks which is part of preparatory assessment to see if I am a good candidate for a kidney transplant. If the kidney comes from a cadaver I will have to wait some 8 years to receive a new kidney. That is the current average waiting time in Ontario.

Back in March I flunked a stress test. My legs were in lousy shape and I couldnt walk fast enough or long enough on the treadmill. So I havent been doing much walking. Procrastination is my middle name. Today I walked around our block, which is a long one about 2 km. I did it in about 55 minutes. My plan is to walk the block once a day for ten days then walk it twice a day up until the stress test. After the stress test I will drop back to once a day. Wish me luck and not too much rain for my walking.

Grace’s day

with the back deck off the kitchen boasting a new coat of redwood stain, she has to cut through the hallway and turn left in the big room to go out the side door and she has been managing beautifully.

everytime she gets access to roam around in the big room, not 100 per cent of the time yet, she heads to Shakespeare’s old fleece bed where we put all of his toys and she picks out a new one to play with. She has four in the kitchen already. she continues to grow like a weed.