Cleaner – movie misfire

Cleaner is one of those movies that makes you want to cry a little at the lost opportunity. With Samuel Jackon, Ed Harris, and Eva Mendes as the main players, and great supporting actors like Robert Forster in the mix, I was hoping for something great. This does not deliver this. The premise is startling and new – Jackson, a former cop runs a specialized cleaning service, he cleans crime scenes. He gets an order for a cleaning job but only realizes after he completes his work that he may have destroyed all the evidence of a murder. But the plot that follows has too many holes in it. It is a little sad to watch great actors work with substandard dialogue in a story that does not deliver on its tantalizing promise.

10 Items or less

If you want a delightful movie to watch, rent this. Brad Silberling wrote and directed this low budget but highly entertaining movie starring Morgan Freeman and Paz Vega. Freeman plays an actor researching a part in an independent movie set in a supermarket. Vega plays the overly competent check out cashier who runs the 10 items or less check out line. Their worlds connect, their characters delight. Highly recommended.

tree stump fence line in Simcoe County

It is still possible to find examples of stump fences in Ontario on the backroads of farm country. This one is about three feet high and what little experience I have had in life with getting out tree stumps, the amount of effort required to create this tires one out simply in the contemplation of it.

Tiger on one leg

I was amazed at the reports of Mr. Woods’ injury details following his U.S. Open victory.  To win a 19 hole playoff on a torn ACL with a double stress fracture of the knee is beyond comprehension. It places him alongside NHler Bobby Baun of the old Maple Leafs who played in the Stanley Cup with a broken leg back in the 1960s. I hope Tiger heals completely and returns to competition when he is ready. My admiration for Rocco Mediate remains intact.  It is also boundless.

Pete Dexter’s novel, The Paper Boy, 1995

I stayed up last night all night to finish reading Pete Dexter’s fine novel, The Paper Boy. Set in Florida it is an exceptional study of characters turning out the only way they can. The story is backdropped against the correction of a miscarriage of justice, a small town newspaper family, poor white folk living in Florida swamps, and the mechanics and ethics of investigative journalism. But mostly it is a clear view of a handful of fascinating characters. I will never eat vanilla ice cream again without thinking of the Van Wetters. HIghly recommended. The third of Dexter’s novels that I have read, Deadwood and Paris Trout, are also fine books.