a funky run on Friday….


I read for a bit after the run began, then fell asleep. I had come in a little bit lighter, 110.9 kg and we were aiming for 107.5 as my exit weight.  Turns out my bp while I was sleeping fell to 95/something and they had to “back off”.  Sadly when I weighed out after four and a half hours of dialysis, they had only taken off 1.6 kg.  So i left at 109.3 kg.   My blood pressures have been lower recently, 130-120/60-70.    Seemed like a lot of dialysis time with little payoff, My nurse was surprised that I was going out so heavy.  Some runs can be a little funky.


Got a call from preregistration for my parathyroid surgery this AM. I had been told July 3 for surgery date, but this is not the case. The true date is July 31st. I have also scheduled some heavy duty oral surgery for August 13th. This will all work out.

One problem though, the parathyroid trouble has finally kicked up some bone pain in my hips. Hurts like a bastard when I walk. Seems the surgery will help, but it can take a month to reduce if not eliminate the bone pain. Fortunately it does not hurt to sit or lie down.

I am having to limit my activities. Back to using a walking stick. Things could be a whole lot worse.

Saturday plan

“I love it when a plan comes together.”  the old A-Team mantra

“A plan is just a common base from which to make changes.” Israeli General speaking to Gwynn Dyer for his series WAR

  • War (miniseries) (1983 7-part miniseries) The third part of the series named “the Profession of Arms” was nominated for anAcademy Award for Best Documentary Feature.
  1. go buy portable AC unit
  2. shoot photgraphs of whatever catches my eye
  3. swim
  4. finish reading The Tourist by Olen Steinhauer
  5. pat the cats
  6. walk the dog
Zeiss Ikon Contaflex
Zeiss Ikon Contaflex

2 chairs contemplate the COLDWATER RIVER

If there is a more peaceful village than Coldwater, Ontario, I would be surprised. The Coldwater River flows through town and north to Georgian Bay. This spot is very very close to the “downtown core” of the village. I took this shot standing on an old Bailey Bridge section. Some wonderful large. old wood and brick homes along this part of the river.

In September, Coldwater has one of the best fall fairs in central Ontario.  Just across Hwy 12 at the south end of the village is the Coldwater Canadiana Museum, small but delightful.

Equipment – SONY NEX F3 with lens adapter to mount Contax/Yashica mount Tokina mf 28-70 zoom lens f3.5, shot at f11. Modified image using Corel Paint Shop Pro x5.


on Friday I attended for the morning a conference then carried on over to get my dialysis treatment and then returned to the conference for a reception and dinner.  The “bump” seems to have come from standing for two hours or so on a cement floor at the Midland Cultural Centre yakking with some conference attendees, sitting in the dialysis chair for four and a half hours, then sitting on one of those unfriendly plastic, stacking hall chairs we have all encountered over the years.  That night as I walked from my car to the door of my home, my right hip growled and it has continued growling with a few moments of quiet normalcy since then.  I was unable to attend day two of the conference.

Today I am using my walking stick indoors, which is a very rare thing. i have not had to use my stick since April.   Fortunately I can lie down and sit down without discomfort. Walking is not so good.  

Rght now I am waiting for our window guys to finish. I am sitting on the sun porh, although today is a little grey, cloudy, may rain, and a cool wind blowing, no whitecaps on the Bay.  Grace was a little excited at our visitors, but she has handled it well.

I hope this “bump” will go away with some taking it easy time.