on Friday I attended for the morning a conference then carried on over to get my dialysis treatment and then returned to the conference for a reception and dinner.  The “bump” seems to have come from standing for two hours or so on a cement floor at the Midland Cultural Centre yakking with some conference attendees, sitting in the dialysis chair for four and a half hours, then sitting on one of those unfriendly plastic, stacking hall chairs we have all encountered over the years.  That night as I walked from my car to the door of my home, my right hip growled and it has continued growling with a few moments of quiet normalcy since then.  I was unable to attend day two of the conference.

Today I am using my walking stick indoors, which is a very rare thing. i have not had to use my stick since April.   Fortunately I can lie down and sit down without discomfort. Walking is not so good.  

Rght now I am waiting for our window guys to finish. I am sitting on the sun porh, although today is a little grey, cloudy, may rain, and a cool wind blowing, no whitecaps on the Bay.  Grace was a little excited at our visitors, but she has handled it well.

I hope this “bump” will go away with some taking it easy time.