my War of 1812 plan

heading into this the first 200th celebratory (is that quite the right word?) year of the War of 1812 I am setting some plans.  First to visit Fort York which I never managed to get to in my many years of living in Toronto.  Secondly to spend a weekend down near Niagara Falls and to visit Fort George and Fort  Erie.  I plan on taking many photos during these two trips.  I also plan on reading Pierre Berton’s account of the war.  Finally, I will eat some selected Laura Secord chocolates.

forecast and other notions

We are shaking our heads at the recent weather.  After the crazy heat (25 degrees Celsius) the mercury has bounced around closer to the seasonal norm. The weather folk keep dropping the “snow” word and the more frightening “freezing rain” on one day or another in their 14-day forecast.  So far when that day arrives we may glimpse a flake but have not needed to tie up our skates. There are buds out on lots of trees. They must be shivering on some nights (dropped all the way down to minus seven Celsius) in this our relatively dry, too dry Spring.

Around this time last year I ended up in hospital and I am hoping that does not happen this year.  I don\t believe it was my sap running that caused the problem a year ago.  Hard to forecast one’s health precisely when managing multiple issues.

Today Georgian Bay looks like a miniature North Atlantic, steel grey in flat light and a bit of light relief in a few whitecaps.  The wind is howling at the sun porch windows trying to get in and chill me but I am offering up  the coolness to the great god of clarity. May she keep my brain unmuddied and not too warm and fuzzy.

Forecasting my writing efforts for the rest of the year, hmmm.  I have several projects in the works.  This blog is central to that list.  The one great principle of writing, apply ass to chair and start and stay until words have emerged on to the page.  I will be doing that more this year.

looking down to Grace who is lying under my leg against the couch as we watch TV

she is my best friend, don’t tell the cats I said that.

Kodak Pony 135 camera

Kodak Pony 135   camera uses 35mm film.

  • series of Bakelite bodied small format cameras designed by Arthur H Crapsey
  • in the Kodak lineup between the roll film Brownie and the 35mm Signet series
  • lack rangefinders
  • simple viewfinders
  • glass lenses, the 3 element Anastons and the four element Anastars
  • variable speed, manually cocked Kodak synchronized shutters. Shutter release/film advance interlock (with bypass switch) prevents double exposures.
  • Knobs are used for film advance and rewind.

I bought this used and below are some sample photos from 2005. The miniature mountain lion is the late great Sundance Kid, my small feline zen master buddy. RIP golden guy.

My sister holding miniature mountain lion

lion in sun


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Spring cleaning

Balm Beach Road and Highway 93, Midland, Ontario all around the towns machines of various sizes are doing their best to scrub away the sand that was spread thoughout the winter to help drivers on the snowy roads.

fairly extreme crop of the full sized image taken with 18-55 kit lens.

great app for the Blackberry Playbook, Pencil Camera

Great app for the Blackberry Playbook, Pencil Camera, allows you to filter a previously captured photo or to take one with the Playbook’s camera.  You apply one of several filters, pencial, charcoal, brushed, and my favourite, water paper, which gives a water colour look.  The fun part of the processing of the image is the sound clip of a furiously scratching pencil.  My photography hobby goes back to my teens and a 127 film camera.

Miss Grace who turns three this summer
moi using the Playbook camera to pop a photo directly into Pencil Camera, water paper effect

127 film camera Kodak Hawkeye Flashfun, from the 1960s, my first camera, still have it