yellow hydrant advertising for a red hydrant girlfriend

snow delusion rom 2007

TIN EYE Finding where your online photos are being used

Finding where your photos are being used  TIN EYE

An odd bit of technology confusion. I looked into an add on for Firefox, called TinEye, which allows you to search the web for images of yours and where they are being used. I found the first one I tried being used in a Polish website, but couldn’t see the image.

I did find another being used, a photo of my Smith Corona Sterling portable manual typewriter. In Feb. 2006 I posted it on in my account.

Tin Eye search

and here is a screen capture of the photo.

I have had a couple of emails with the blogger but somehow there is a different version of the page and the image is from somebody else.

I wish Creative Commons had a credit line required option,  my photo was free to use to any non profit.

More to follow…..

Black and white photos of the old company store

My photos of the old company store (lumber company store) in Victoria Harbour, Ontario – think of 16 tons and Tennessee Ernie Ford, although the owner of this lumber company had a reputation for philanthropy and kindness. built around 1910.

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photo “look deeply, so deeply, and sleepily into my eyes”

my Grace, shot by me with Pentax K10D with Pentax kit lens, the 18-55mm DA zoom, natural light

Emma behind chair rail bars in the kitchen

one of the five formerly feral kittens who turn five years of age this summer, she hates to be picked up but will approach me if she wants to be patted. she is the former runt of the litter

last trace of snow – east end of Georgian Bay near my home

looking about due north and up the bay to past Beausoleil Island, which is to the right of frame and some distance along.

This is Robins Point, not for the bird but for a family named Robins.

Sony H50