Cane time

This week I have been using my cane not my walker to move inside the cottage.  I have only begun this exercise. I am trying to recover my balance.


The other exercise this week is rising from my bed. From a sitting position on the bed I stand up using only my legs; no hands and arms. This works my quads. I already feel them getting stronger.

below a wooden cane fashioned by a friend of my fellow dialysis patient, Barry Assange. They live on Christian Island. My dresser needs some Spring cleaning.


Warmer today near 0 degrees Celsius. Ver windy. Lots of snow melting. A welcome change from last weekend and -30 degrees C. Can a gentle March be our fate this year.

Winter is your friend

There is a reason why February is the shortest month.

Low Canadian dollar means pricey groceries and super expensive holiday getaways.

For me Winter has meant sometimes slick ramp to get out. So far no disaster. The amount I am using my walker brakes could mean a brake cable adjustment sooner than expected.


Still trying to sort out my contracted right hand ring finger. Seems it may be a nerve problem. They are still working out the mystery.

Weight control remains steady, at or below 100 kg. Some dialysis patients come in needing to have 10 kg taken off. This is fluid. They are smaller framed than me. Yesterday I came in after two days of weekend light at 100.5 kg, a mere 1.5 over my target weight. Target weight is the weight you and your nurse aim for after dialysis. It is fluid loss.

Some ways to exercise fluid control

  1. at Home get rid of your large glasses
  2. replace them with small glasses
  3. avoid eating super salty or just salty foods, it holds fluid in your tissue where dialysis cannot reach it
  4. be aware of your drinking patterns, if you sit yakking in Tim’s and knock back three large coffees you are indulging “mindless” drinking, switch down to three small coffees or just try one
  5. do not drink from habit, drink from thirst


I am looking forward to Spring. Be well, be safe.