a wild turkey’s last moments

found this in my notebook from sometime in 2005

Wild turkey died in the shallows next door. I watched its last minutes of life. Flapping its wings to get into a depth of water where it could put its legs on the bottom. Fighting hard to live. One wing not right. It stopped, seemed to be resting. I could see its head. A few minutes later I looked out and saw the head was no longer visible, the body rolled over on its side in the water. Its mate (?) standing near on a rock in the water. When I came back out to look closer, I scared it into flight.

Bear at 90kph

it has been a long time since I saw a bear in the wild….42 years I think.

that was at the garbage dump in Jasper Park in Alberta and the family were probably too close to a mother bear and two cubs but she was kind to us that day

back on Tuesday as I was driving on Hwy 11 just south of Bracebridge (four lane separted highway, fairly built out in patches along the way, not solid bush), up popped a full grown black bear who wanted to cross…..he/she came about halfway into the slow lane way too close to my car…there was no traffic around me, so I swerved to the fast lane, I would not have been able to brake in time…..meanwhile (in less than two seconds) the bear decided to turn around and drop down back into the tall grass of the ditch…..the tree line was another 100 yards back from the highway….a few minutes later in Bracebridge it took an extra minute to unwrap my fingers from the steering wheel.

Team Purr visit the vet

took the five wild ones to the vet today, they are in excellent health…..before we went in, I spoke to a young man who was holding his ferret. I asked how the ferret was. “I’m putting him down,” he said. He looked like he was about to break down. I told him that it is a horrible moment and that I had lost two pets this year. I told him, “it has been six months and finally I can look at one of my dog’s photos and not bawl my eyes out.”

“Grace and Speed” Muskoka Boat and Heritage Centre

“Grace and Speed” Muskoka Boat and Heritage Centre

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visited this place today in Gravenhurst, Ontario…..must be two million dollars worth of Muskoka design wooden boats from the 1920s to 1950s on loan to the centre….fascinating place to visit

bay seat view – image manipulation

bay seat view

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this started out as a very dark early morning photo, in fact I did not realize that the chair was there in the image….until I began messing with it using Paint Shop Pro 9



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one of the blue jeans climbing feral kittens who may be staying permanently with me – still negotiating with the dog about this roster change

Sugarfoot got her name from her two right light coloured paws, her sister calico, Cadbury, is darker overall and has some light coloured toes on her back left leg.