plot twist

So last night I get home from dialysis with no problems on the road and find that my sister has to go into Emergancy. So we arrive at 10:30 PM and enter the triage process. At 12:30 AM they take her in. I wait until 3 AM and inquire about her condition. They take me into see her. She sends me home. The roads have some snow on them and are unploughed at 3:30 AM in the morning. I get home and walk the dog. She comes home around 7 AM and her problem is resolved. A nice plot twist.

the idiot of the week award goes to….

Moi. I made a major league bonehead move this past couple of days. I took the wrong tires out of the boathouse and put them in my car. I was careful to pace myself, I am fresh out of hospital. My sister got neighbours to put her summer tires back in the boathouse. I took her summer tires by mistake. So today I got my car serviced planning to get winter tires put on. I went to pick it up and found my mistake. I returned home and unloaded her tires and using our little freight cart moved her tires to the boathouse one by one. I then moved my Impala tires on rims to the car again one at a time. Used up my energy for the day.

Tomorrow I wll take the car back in and get the tires swapped. grrrrrr.

close call

About five inches of snow has fallen locally and most main roads are now bare from travel and ploughing. I narrowly missed getting in an accident at the intersection of Highway 12 and William St. when I entered the intersection to turn left onto 12, meanwhile a bus ignoring his red was coming through to turn left onto William St. to drop off his bus at the school bus company parking lot. Don’ know how he could have messed up so badly. That particular intersection despite having good long clear visibilty from all four sides annually has a couple of accidents and is probably the most dangerous one in the area. Lousy way to start Monday but it could have been a whole lot worse. I was lucky.


I am currently examining my navel and the collision of the two ideas of outpatient and life support implicit in being a renal hemodialysis patient.  It is my new normal and it is mighty peculiar to say the least, but whatever it is I feel much better. My head is overflowing with new information about the disease, the treatment, my self care responsibilities and how the health care system works in Ontario. It has been a very positive experience.

a work in progress

Second week of my management of renal failure. Revising diet and exercise and getting used to new medications and the dialysis treatments. Absorbing a lot of information and change. Bottom line is I feel much better and am now sleeping better. My shortness of breath is gone. Had an adventurous day yesterday when my blood sugar got too low but we got it jacked up, not the best way, but we got it up and I now know what to do if that happens again. Still getting my system back on track and revising my life but things are going pretty well. Better than I had anticipated when I was told this was likely in my future.

dialysis – session 4

dialysis – session 4

my kidney disease finally progressed to the point where I need dialysis.I asked one of the nurses to take the shot. I will be receiving treatment three times per week for three hours at a time.We willsee if kidney function returns or if I will need a transplant. Iwas in hospital for 8 days but am now thankfully back at home.