Dialysis through the holidays

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photo is of my Parker T-Ball Jotter collection, I somehow misplaced my favourite, the stainless steel version, ordered a new one and it arrived in time for Christmas, thank you, Amazon.ca.


see also http://www.parkerpen.com/en-US/jotter

Today is nearly the last day of the dialysis holiday schedule switcheroo. Normally I would be in dialysis this morning, instead I have a free day, tomorrow which is normally free will be a dialysis day and by Thursday all will be returned to “normal”. It was very strange going into the clinic the past two Sunday mornings. As a result the nurses, a few of the other patients, and I found that we had a very tenuous grip on what day of the week we happened to be habitating.

On a more serious note, three patients have developed chest line infections on two of the four shifts at PENETANG HOSPITAL where I go. Although this information is kept mostly private, I have never heard of this number in the past five years. Perhaps it is a common problem. But it makes me wonder if something is being done a little wrong at the clinic. I know the nurses are reviewing and muttering about the cleaning materials used, there are several and several problems with some of them, when they clean the dialysis machines. I hope I do not get a chest line infection. One of the patients who did, told me she had her chest line removed. Since she has a pacemaker, they were unable to put a chest line on the left side of her chest. So they ended up putting one in the back of her left hip. Knock wood.

It must be all the holiday fare ingested, but I have been having a series of unusually bizarre dreams, my own personal, new wave, surreal, mostly horror laced film festival.  I look forward to returning to regular programming soon.

On the cultural front I am still trying to figure out the Christmas component of the Criminal Minds marathon this week that I lost my sister to.  Murder, mayhem, mistletoe.

my Sony ereader and returning library books early

Got my Sony reader for Christmas and have added a number of books, newspapers and magazines to it.  Some from the Sony Reader Store, some from the Gutenberg Project, and some books from my public library.

I have read about 6 books so far and enjoy this book method.

I borrowed Dick Van Dyke‘s memoir from the Midland Public Library and their ebook cooperative, http://www.simcoe.pulse.ca and finished it in two days.  The book was borrowed for 14 days, the default loan period.  That was when the trouble started.  I dropped by at the library on the way home and spoke with one of the librarians who was knowledgeable about ebooks and readers but we could not work out how to return a book early.  I puzzled it out last night.

It may be in the user guide but I did not check there.  As an old tech writer, that was quite a sin.

With the Sony Reader running and a wi-fi connection, open the Books folder from the Home screen.  Change the view of books from cover icons to the text list of books.  Then press the options button and go to the second page of options for that screen and view.  Return library books is an option that you can select.  Only the library books show a check box for you to check to make your selecction of returns.  Press done, found at the top right of the screen.  And back they go.


Friday reflections

Maria Bello at the Independent Spirit Awards i...
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Good morning, it is Friday and I am reflecting. To start with, that is Maria Bello to the right. I talk about her new tv show, Prime Suspect, a little further down the post.
Well, it is officially Autumn and the weather has got in step. Today is cooler and seems like the setting is an all day gentle rain. The past week or so each time I drive along our beach road I am braking for hard-working, sprint-zooming black squirrels. Never less than three or four of these road risk takers per trip. Last night even in full light, I saw a good sized raccoon speed scramble across a squirrel lane. We see these furry burglars most of the year but rarely during sunlit hours.

I am currently making some major changes in my life and will be putting my gear selector through its paces as I try a number of different speeds. I am planning to concentrate on photography and writing, stop volunteer technical work, and adjust “my web-life.” Those crazy twins harmony and balance are my target.

I will try yet again to get back to pencil and ink drawing. I want to create more, complain less, and try to grow more patience in all pigeonholes. I wonder how many spots old leopards can actually change. I will let you know how that count goes.
I am continuing to mend, but there is a significant distance to go. At the moment it seems a little longer than the actual distance I am capable of walking per day. Something I am careful about while increasing.

FUNOSITY ETC. Nikon D3100 dslr, the new toy, is a well-designed camera and I am having fun getting comfortable with it. I recommend it to anyone who is considering moving up from a point and shoot digicam to the dslr level, but caution them that they may be able to get more out of that “simpler” level of camera (these have become formidable image catching devices). I recommend a visit and some considerable reading time at the photography site of Ken Rockwell at kenrockwell.com to get more detail about what I am hinting about here.

The US version of Prime Suspect with Maria Bello looks very good, I am settled in for the season of it.

Book Bag: Len Deighton in progress, Mexico Set, with XPD on deck. Layover in Dubai by Dan Fesperman is staged next.

From Mexico Set, the kind of writing that keeps me rereading Deighton: “Some people say short people are aggressive to compensate for their small stature, but look at Zena Volkmann and you might start thinking that aggressive people are made short lest they take over the whole world.”

Publication: a handful of my poems will appear in the upcoming anthology of the Mariposa Writers Group in Orillia, available shortly before Christmas. More about that a little later in this year.

Cover of "Xpd"
Cover of Xpd

Patience is the state of endurance under difficult circumstances, which can mean persevering in the face of delay or provocation without acting on annoyance/anger in a negative way; or exhibiting forbearance when under strain, especially when faced with longer-term difficulties. Patience is the level of endurance one’s character can take before negativity. It is also used to refer to the character trait of being steadfast.