Hunter S. Thompson – we need you

English: Hunter S. Thompson, Miami Book Fair I...
English: Hunter S. Thompson, Miami Book Fair International, 1988 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here is my mini-meditation for the day:  it is a long walk down the hall of boomeranged good intentions

What a howling, snivelling shame we don’t have Hunter S. Thompson around and in his prime to study the current smorgasbord of humanity running amok.  The world’s policeman hog calling and stomping with grace and superior technology.  All our souls fogged and shredded, designed and branded.  The ultimate fast fashion is the high speed revolutions per second of the evolving lizard, ye olde “American Dream.”  We know from the sucking chest wounds where our hearts used to beat all the way down to our Nike sneakers we will never know much peace and very little balance in our new nightmares. Hope is still out there.  I think I saw a breafast cereal with that name.  Somewhere in the Bible it says I shop therefore I am. But between tweets we kid ourselves that the existential enchilada isn’t both tattered, flapping in the hot desert wind, some dying of the day light sparkling the few large, remaining shards.  It has been shattered for all of us in our various Dante-assigned circles  of neediness and wannabe sweat.

Dream unattainable, HST writing weekly about Bush but probably even more interesting HST on Obama.

Most especially I wish I could read his thoughts on the mom talking about buying the amour plate, bullet proof ceramic wonder material insert for her 12 year old daughter’s school book knapsack and what that says about our civilization and our society and our dignity and finally our score in the all time measure of humaness and humanity.  She was small enough to hunker down behind the bag.  She looked athletic enough to run down range with it on her back, hoping the rounds didn’t go too low and take out her legs.  Everywhere is a shooting range these days.

Caught Bill Maher the other day, he seems so cruelly sane. I laughed and cried and shook my head so hard I felt like a retired NFL player.

Listened to Mort Sahl, an old recording from the Watergate period. He remarked, at the time of the Declaration of Independence there were 4 million people in America and there was Ben Franklin, Jefferson, Adams, Washington, and that bunch of geniuses. And today (1974) with 200 million Americans and there is Nixon, Agnew and McGovern. What does that prove? Darwin was wrong, dead wrong. Evolution was a dream.

Before I unplug the computer and the soul support pump, I look out the windows.  No, that is not a Soviet  boomer attack submarine out there in Georgian Bay.  The Bay is silvery grey and the clouds hang dark and menacing like Vin Diesel‘s lower lip.  It is cold and getting colder.  We may skip right past autumn.  Go find your toque, gloves and scarf, you will need it sooner than we all might imagine.

“Follow the bubbles and swim after them, always head towards the light.”

RAM Tank – Canadian Cruiser Tank World War II

Ram Tank

When it was decided to build a cruiser tank type, the plan was to base it on the American M3 tank.  The Ram tank had a cast hull and in some variants carried a 75mm gun.   The odd thing is that these tanks never saw combat, but instead were used for training of tank crews in the UK.  At a certain point the Allies decided to put all their production force into the production of M4 Sherman tanks.  There are hints in several articles about the stupidity of American policy makers who left Allied armoured forces with the inferior M4 Sherman and its 75mm gun to face the superior Panther and Tiger Tanks with main gun up to 88mm.  The mismatch resulted in many unnecessary deaths.  The slowness and stupidity of tank development in World War II is astonishing when it is examined in comparison to the speed, ingenuity and results of aircraft development of the same period.

Ram Tank, both photos taken at CFB Borden Military Museum, Angus, Ontario, Canada

The Newsroom

I have to confessI had a moment in episode two where I was pleading to the tv screen begging Emily Mortimer to stop yelling.  But Using Rogers On Demand I rejoined the show and got caught up in three episode bursts this week.  Tonight I watched the finale to season one.  It was a terrific finale and ended with a lift not the usual dark and brooding cliffhanger.  I am thinking of NCIS.

A few things I really liked

  • the reference to Murrow interviewing Liberace
  • any reference to the NSA, the truly large and mysterious intelligence agency of the US
  • Sam Waterson politely snarling
  • Olivia Munn‘s socially inept Sloan Sabbath
  • Lennie the bodyguard
  • Jim, Don, Maggie, Lisa, the great twisted romantic cocktail, shaken and stirred
  • Jeff Daniels is superb

I have half admired John McCain till the quote they showed of him stating the US is historically a Christian based government.  I am a Canadian and pay some attention to American history and politics and even I know that the founding fathers separated churh and state.  Religious tolerance.  The denial of facts, the vicious political climate that is not just polarized but is heading to something more like the US in 1859.
I look for Aaron Sorkin to do even more next season.

Blackberry tablet camera shots

RIM Blackberry tablet camera shots – watercolour effect-ed by uing the app Pencil Camera

my view of the dialysis clinic during my dialysis treatment and a late night kitchen self-portrait- I was in the kitchen for the strong overhead lighting, not for a midnight snack

War of 1812 – photos of Fort York

I lived in Toronto for about 40 years yet never got my butt over to Fort York.  This week I remedied that.  It was a warm, sunny day, and I dodged school groups successfully.  Start of Toronto began on this location.  During the War of 1812 American troops attacked and burned the fort.  In revenge, British troops attacked Washington and burned the White House.

Nikon D3100 with 18-55 and Metz 45 flash.

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Range lighthouse, Victoria Harbour, Ontario photos

from Wikipedia, range lighthouse

Range lights

Aligning two fixed points on land provides a navigator with a line of position called a range in the U.S. and a transit in Britain. Ranges can be used to precisely align a vessel within a narrow channel such as in a river. With landmarks of a range illuminated with a set of fixed lighthouses, nighttime navigation is possible.

Such paired lighthouses are called range lights in the U.S. and leading lights in the United Kingdom. The closer light is referred to as the beacon or front range; the furthest away is called the rear range. The rear range light is almost always taller than the front.

When the vessel is on the correct course, the two lights line up vertically. But when the observer is out of position, the difference in alignment indicates the proper direction of travel to correct the course.

1910 construction of two range lights to aid inshore navigation of ships approaching Port McNicholl.  With the development of the CPR harbour facitilites and elevator at Port McNicholl in 1912 maritime traffice increased in the area. Lamps originally kerosene.  In 1951 electric lamps were substituted. Tay Township funded restoration of the light in the amount of $60,000.

– information from article by Lynda Hook in the January 2012 issue of CHOnews, quarterly publication of Community Heritage Ontario

Range light  at Victoria Harbour, Ontario, on Georgian Bay.  I took some photos of the building two days ago using my Nikon D3100 and 18-55mm lens.

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