not so peaceful co-existence video clip

Cadbury and Grace star in this episode of cat-dog negotiations about who will set the agenda in the playroom commonly known as the big room (dining room and living room). Despite this clip evidence, Cadbury has been warming up to Miss Dog to the extent that she has been grooming Grace, when Grace approaches her in a quiet, gentle manner. So progress to 24 hour peaceful days is being made.

a little snow

it started last night and has quiety been accumulating

so I will pass on my planned drive this evening to Barrie to check out the camera club….insteadmore Olympics

I tore the little sipping port on my Tim Horton’s coffee lid before walking into the dialysis clinic this morning and managed somehow to jostle the cup enough to dump some coffee in the top of my open book bag with semi-catastropic results…. not sure I may have to replace a brand spanking new hard cover library book Imperial Cruise about a secret diplomatic mission to the Far East druing President Theodore Roosevelt’ s administration.  Teddy sent his daughter Alice along to help draw the attention of the newspapermen, so that Secretary Taft could add a series of secret meetings to the ostensibly all in view itinerary.

dialysis morning

This morning when I parked out in front of the hospital at 710am it was actually light out and I stopped when I heard an unfamiliar sound.  Birds singing, a pack of chickadees I think, anyway they were loud.  In the first half of the winter when I arrive for dialysis it has been pitch black.   It’s delightful to start a d-day with d-lights turned on.

Tiger, Tiger burning tv lights are bright

Well, he fessed up.  I watched it and then read some media reactions.  Peter Worthington in The Toronto Sun was about the most reasonable I could find.  Most of the rest of the media jackals sniped away.  Most readers of this tripe rolled their eyes and reflected on how the pirahna were mad cuz they didnt get their feeding via questions.  Tough.  It is a private matter between him and his wife.  When he gets back on tour they will do the blood in the water frenzy, always an attractive media moment, and then on with the show as in big time golf tournaments.  Just look at Kobe.

Before some journalists send me a dead fish in a newspaper, I respect the traditional role of journalism, reporting the news and keeping a close eye on the government.  What Tiger Woods does off the course is not in that realm.  And dont give me that he comes into homes playing golf and so his life is wide open to public scrutiny crap.  I watch the golf. I dont care about his endorsements, corporations are stupid in so many creative ways.  Just make better products and stop getting high profile shills.

99 cent miracles

spotted these in a wildly eclectic store in Elmvale, Ontario, it seemed to be intended to indulge the families drving through town to their cottages by providing answers to the question what to do on a rainy day at the cottage. Nikon Coolpix 5700

boardwalk over the Wye Marsh

The Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre is near Midland, Ontario. Actually its between Midland and my village of Victoria Harbour. I am a sporadic member, that is I usually remember to renew my annual membership. I like to visit about ten times per year throughout the four seasons. There are woodland trails and some trails out over and around the marsh. I have seen trumpeter swans, Canada geese, muskrats, turtles and a few mosquitoes on my visits. I never go there without a camera.

This image has been manipulated using Corel Paint Shop Pro. there is a function called Clarify which I like to use, probably using it in a way it was want not intended but I like the effect. Part of it is I just like the name of the function.  It has a hopeful ring, not quite like Unsharp Mask.

This is one of my favourite photos of the past few years. Reviewing it has made me hungry to drag a camera over to the marsh later today assuming the light is not too flat.