boardwalk over the Wye Marsh

The Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre is near Midland, Ontario. Actually its between Midland and my village of Victoria Harbour. I am a sporadic member, that is I usually remember to renew my annual membership. I like to visit about ten times per year throughout the four seasons. There are woodland trails and some trails out over and around the marsh. I have seen trumpeter swans, Canada geese, muskrats, turtles and a few mosquitoes on my visits. I never go there without a camera.

This image has been manipulated using Corel Paint Shop Pro. there is a function called Clarify which I like to use, probably using it in a way it was want not intended but I like the effect. Part of it is I just like the name of the function.  It has a hopeful ring, not quite like Unsharp Mask.

This is one of my favourite photos of the past few years. Reviewing it has made me hungry to drag a camera over to the marsh later today assuming the light is not too flat.