I spent some brain cells going through three bins full of old photographs. I was indulging in some time travel I will admit. Both black and white and colour memory, some 35mm, some 120 roll film prints. Kept a lot and tossed a lot. Many photos of the dogs and the cats, all models of each. Lots of old trips caught in photographic splendour. I sure wasted a lot of film over the years, but it was a pleasant time trip.  Found a few photos of my most elusive photo subject over the years, my mother.  Now I have to figure out how many to scan, and how otherwise to sort and store the keepers.

Maple Leaf Gardens, my memory

This will be sloppy, sentimental and perhaps trite. Here goes anyway. In the early 1960s I played hockey in the CYO hockey league in Toronto for the Blessed Sacrament parish hockey team. Three years in a row we won the Metro Toronto Championship. In those days the final game of the season was played in a series of games on a Saturday between the CYO (Catholic) and PYC (Protestant) city championship teams. The games were played at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto on Carleton Street.  The sacred temple of hockey was the site of our games.  I still have a memory of skating out there and stopping and turning and looking up past the reds, blues, greens to the high, almost out of sight, greys.  We were forunate to win all three games. In one game we got ahead in the score and someone took a penalty.  The public address system announced the infraction and the player’s name and number.  Instant heaven. Soon there was a short stream of players to the penalty box.  One other part of this small memory, in the first year, we were Atoms, mere guppies in the old hockey pond but we were visited in our tiny dressing room after winning the game by the venerable sports writer of the Globe and Mail, Dick Beddoes. The next day he devoted part of his column to us.

Quite a few years later I got to see a playoff game in which the Maple Leafs lost to the Canadiens in a double overtime game. It was the last hockey game I ever attended with my late father. We stood for most of the two overtime periods in the end blues.

Tomorrow is the tenth anniversary of the day they tore down the Gardens. A terrible shame.

a glimpse of summer

spent a few luscious moments watching a few scenes from Out of Africa….saw Redford’s and Streep’s characters shoot the two lions, which was s hame. It made me aware of a n enormous gap in my days lately and when I get a better idea of how to fill that I may just write down something here about it.  Warning, I am full of good intentions.

Asahi Pentax S1a with Super Takumar 55mm f2.0 lens

simple and effective, I keep it in a drawer, I should take it out for a workout

on flickr this has received a ton of views and a few favourites


was one of those mixed days, with rain, lunch, fog, and bad music on the radio…at the restaurant the lady asked me if I had left behind a book, so I got reunited with Samuel Pepys, and then bought a long yellow toy for the dog…. I think he is BoBo III

took a photo of a raccoon sleeping in a tall tree, and gave thanks for everything.