a marshy meditation

It is always a tease to stand looking at a wetland marshy scene like this and know that you are only likely to glimpse some birds, some flying insects, maybe a frog and all the while you know this type of place is just loaded with all kinds of life, in the water, hiding in the dense, lush plant life. A few years back I did have the good luck to watch a muskrat’s head, cutting the water surface as he swam the length of an open stretch of marsh water for about a minute or so. Why oh why do we destroy this kind of richness.

This shot taken at the Tiny Marshes, nw of Elmvale, Ontario in Simcoe County, about 85 miles north of Toronto.  Ontario, Canada.

boardwalk over the Wye Marsh

The Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre is near Midland, Ontario. Actually its between Midland and my village of Victoria Harbour. I am a sporadic member, that is I usually remember to renew my annual membership. I like to visit about ten times per year throughout the four seasons. There are woodland trails and some trails out over and around the marsh. I have seen trumpeter swans, Canada geese, muskrats, turtles and a few mosquitoes on my visits. I never go there without a camera.

This image has been manipulated using Corel Paint Shop Pro. there is a function called Clarify which I like to use, probably using it in a way it was want not intended but I like the effect. Part of it is I just like the name of the function.  It has a hopeful ring, not quite like Unsharp Mask.

This is one of my favourite photos of the past few years. Reviewing it has made me hungry to drag a camera over to the marsh later today assuming the light is not too flat.