smartphone photography

I am just getting started with smartphone photography, using a Sony Xperia.  I confess it goes against my grain.  I believe you will take better photos with a camera not a phone trying to be a camera.  My first surprise in this area was the quality of photos I could get out of my Blackberry tablet.  My iPad2 has trouble in low light but does well in sunlight.  It seems to me to take better video than stills.

Just got around to hooking up my phone to my desktop pc and here are two photos.



a little Facebook musing

Something has happened this long, bitter winter, at least in my Facebook experience.  Everyone seems to have shut up, very few posts.  I had to trim my notifications, it seemed to be an unending stream of dog rescues.   I  have posted less myself.   I sit reading and stop, look up, sigh and wonder if Spring has been cancelled.  Lot of mundane photos posted on flickr, too.