Jericho’s Alicia Coppola – her character needs more notes to play

I first spotted Alicia Coppola in a string of appearances on NCIS and wondered “who the heck is that” and so I was pleased to see her in JERICHO. I hope they get her character, the fish out of water IRS agent from Washington DC, out of first gear and give her more notes to play. Camera sure likes her. Curious how some people reveal character and qualities to the camera and other people are just pretty blanks, camera just turns them into four colour printed cardboard.

They talk about old time movie stars and how the camera loved in particular, Gary Cooper and Greta Garbo. I also read something about the amount of light reflected by Meg Ryan’s face. Optics and emotional recognition, curious, curious stuff.

As for JERICHO, I am hooked. It has been a curious fall TV season, I don’t normally get too closely involved with the new shows. I caught NCIS because of Mark Harmon and David McCallum (as far as I am concerned Illya Kuryakin is the all time coolest character ever to appear on TV). This year SMITH caught my eye, Ray Liotta and Virginia Madsen, but it got chopped so fast. As an old WEST WING fanoid, Studio 60 had me revved up but it has been a little disappointing. So my must see TV watching is JERICHO and THE UNIT (David Mamet is a god) and Studio 60 limping along, but it sure ain’t The WEST WING.

For anyone old enough to remember, Kuryakin beats John Drake/#6 (Patrick McGoohan) as the coolest by a razor thin margin.

Please give Ms. Coppola something more to work with, although I realize it is surely a complicated story with a whole townful of people and their stories to push out in not very many minutes per week, but do try, thanks.

bluetyger magazine – Oct 2006 issue – poems

Art Reception

Business Trip Epiphany

A long lost friend

100 glasses


Night in a hot tub



I have been working on as my personal webzine since July 2001 – sometimes it has been a quarterly, a monthly, and it has gone on hiatus, but I keep plugging along with it.

end of October

It has been a semi-lousy Fall with lots of rainy days. Today has been a high wind day. Georgian Bay has been large-waved and the water level has been the highest of the year. A ton of leaves are wet and waiting to be raked up, put in large plastic bags. They then get driven to the local transfer station (the dump). They then are dumped out on the great leaf pile. 60 bags (large clear plastic bags, a little larger than your standard green garbage bagis the current local world’s record. Leaves hang too long on some trees. Other trees drop them fast. It is tricky to try and get them done before the late Fall rains and the early snow. It is a sad time of the year. I see the things that got done, the things that will have to wait another year. I hope the warm weather does not draw me away from the chores that need to be chored.

John Huston – my pencil drawing of him

John Huston

Originally uploaded by “canuckshutterer” wj gibson.
one of my favourite movie gods

the best drawing I ever made, part of a course in pencil drawing – about 8.5″ x 8″

I simply don’t have the patience for this kind of art, I need the speed of photography…

Ste. Marie Among the Hurons: Jesuit cell: desk and bed

one of my favourite photos taken at Ste. Marie Among the Hurons, reconstructed 1640s era fortified French mission just east of Midland, Ontario, Canada…..

The Iroquois came to fight the Hurons (Wendat) in 1649 and as a result of that campaign, Ste. Marie was burned to the ground.

white spots before my eyes today

A very cold upper atmosphere stream of air blew in today. Some hail dropped by this morning and  again in the afternoon.  When I was driving home  about five minutes of snow got in my way. I  screamed. October 12th is too early for snow.  Hell, November 12th is too early for snow. The snow today melted. The snow that might fall on November 12th will melt. In December, the snow will fall and stay. I love winter but I am in no rush to fall in love again.

Hwy 12

Hwy 12

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winter is not far off – this is near where I live these days – near to Georgian Bay….and when the winter comes with snow starting in November, maybe not sticking around until December, but the long nights have their own special weight….it is a relief to meet another car to break up the solitude

Apology to my back

Dear back, I am very sorry about the stupid thing I did last week. I promise from now on I will never lift anything heavier than 40 lbs. I think that is what my snow tires on rims weigh each. Last week the old Sony Trinitron 27 inch television died. I was sad to see it go since it had given good service for about 15 years. It was one heavy son of a gun. It had to go. And I lifted it and carried it to the kitchen and set it on the kitchen table and in that last second before reaching that table, I felt my back fail. My lower back experienced a severe collapsing failure and I knew I was going to be in for it. After sizing up the back deck and the four stairs down to the path and deciding that was not the way to go, I went and got the old and mostly useful cart. Moved the Sony to the cart. Moved the cart to the side door and out to the side deck and down the old wheel chair ramp that had been built back around 1990 for my late Mom.  Summoning super human strength I got the Sony in the front seat of my car.

That was 6 days ago.  And I have been in a lot of pain off and on for the last 5 days. I am something of a back pain expert since I first injured my back when I was 18 years of age. That was when I tried to reposition a very large rock, no, it was a boulder, that was in the ground next to our first side porch (now gone) and needed to be moved slightly. No bulldozer being available, I did it and did a number on the lower tranverse ligaments of my back.

Over the years I have reinjured it. Usually a day or two of bed rest has cured it. Last year something new went wrong and I did something to my nerves that presented me with one of the worst years of my life. Not excruciating pain but just enough buzzing irritation to make sleep almost impossible. It took about 8 months to go away. Some physio-therapy helped, but mostly it just took time. I lost about 60 lbs and could not walk any great distance, no more than 100 yards. It was almost impossible to find a comfortable position standing, sitting or lieing down. But I did get better and then I did it to myself with the old, very heavy 27 inch Sony.

This time the nerve, or possibly it is a spasming muscle or muscles, has found a new variation. I can sleep. But when I try to stand up I get knife like stabbing pains in my lower back right side only.  Also if I happen to turn the wrong way in bed, more knife work. Once I get upright and walk ten or twelve steps, my back is eased and fine.  Sometimes when I sit down in a chair, a throbbing spasm hits my back, like the knife is being pushed in pulled out and pushed in over and over again, but I can usually change my position and ease that after a minute or two.

Young sailors have been stopping by to enlarge their vocabulary.

I was unable to move the 27 inch myself. My sister drove my car to the local dump and a young man there offered to move it out of the car.  I hope that in twenty five years he is not writing a short note about how he first injured his back.

The new TV is 20 inch and weighs more than a feather but it is reasonable. A flat screen and is the last tube TV I will ever buy.

So my dear back, please stop knifing me and I promise not to pick up anything heavy from now on. I swear.