more fistula stuff

the fine art of dialysis took another turn today…. came in with  a bruise on the under side of my left forearm, my fistula arm.   The nurse decided to use one needle for the areterial and one chest line, stuck ma and got virtually no flow at all.  She suspected a clot and after setting up both chest lines to get my run started, she removed the needle and had difficulty in pushing the small amount of blood out of the needle line.  That was good evidence of a clot and after a bit of exertion on the plunger she cleared the needle line and we saw the clot.   Talking it over and with me doing a little thinking back, i probably strained the left arm a few days ago when I finally got around to carrying my summer car tires on rims to the boathouse to store until Spring.  I had tried to use my right arm but switched briefly to the left arm.  The other theory is that people with fistulas get clots when they sleep on their fistula arm.   So more knowledge, more restrictions and forward we go.  If the situation had been one with me with no chest lines, they will be coming out sometime in the next few months, then once the clot was removed, a second attempt to insert the needle and get a good flow would have been done.

a new wrinkle, fistula style

yesterday found my forearm a little swollen upstream from needle hole number two and so since I still have my chest lines in my chest, my nurse decided to use the hole number one for arterial flow and the venus flow from my chest line, kind of a hemodialysis half and half.  in a short time we will hit the magic number of 15 needles of fistula use and then switch to a larger needle, according to one humorist-nurse, the ones that are an inch wide, ha ha ha.

Grace visits the dialysis clinic

Took Grace over for a visit to the dialysis clinic on a day where I am not there for a run to visit the nurses.  We got her weighed on the scale, 53 lbs.  She is six months old now.  She met two of the patients in their dialysis chairs as well and behaved pretty well for a puppy.  This was her third visit. I especially wanted to get her over today since the nurse who turned me onto the breeders back in the summer is leaving dialysis work and going into diabetes education.  Her last day on dialysic clinic work is mid January.  Without her calling the breeders and asking about puppies, I suspect my procrastination might have kicked in full time and no Grace would be in our lives these days.


There is a circle

In which I dance

And my shadow watches

Some days the circle is loose

And the dance broad and silly

The music for a happy clown

Some days the circle is tight

The music shrill

My  steps over broken glass

My knees stiff and old

My shadow hugs me closer

Than a shrunken suit of lies

And the circle spins out

And the circle turns in

And I dance and dance and dance

Louise and Grace

of the five formerly feral fab felines, Louise is the one who is friendly with Grace, the wonder pup. In this technically poor shot, there is evidence of the easy going nature that exists between these two. I just with the other cats would come to be this relaxed with Grace. A logn way to go with a couple of them.


Had a word with Scrooge and we are convinced that we are not only right but that we have been right all along.  Did a tiny portion of shopping today and with a few last nanoseconds of retailing I will finish tomorrow just in the St. Nick of time.  maybe next year we will rent a kid and add a layer of fresh gloss to the festive season.

sunday morning

I spent about an hour and a half reorganizing my out of control CD collection.  Then sat down in the big, brown chair and was crawled onto by Grace.  She is getting too big for this kind of stunt but we cuddled and washed my face and neck and ears and the shiny part on top of my head.  Now it is time for a shower and then off to Midhurst for the camera jaunt.  I am packing a bunch of light trapping gear: Rolleicord V 6×6 cm, Agfa Billy Record III 6×9 cm, and two 35mm film cameras: Nikon F2 with non AI 85mmf1.8 and an AI 50mm f1.4 lenses, and a Cosina Voigtlander Bessa R with Nokton 50mm f1.5 lens.  Also I am packing my Sekonic light meter for some incident light meter readings.  Shazam.  Please don’t be too cold.

Willow Creek from the high ground near the parking lot. Sony DSC H50

a camera expedition small scale today

down to near Midhurst to meet with fellow photog, Len, and with some old film cameras and a digicam as well, a chat over coffee and tramping around in the Willow Creek park area for an hour or two, hope the windless conditions continue, it is below freezing but not by much.

Len on the trail down to the creek bottom at Willow Creek Park, near Midhurst, Ontario, Dec. 20, 2009 – my camera Sony DSC H50

watch out for automatic renewals

I found an email from Symantec late yesterday congratulating me on my automatic renewal of Norton 360 for a charge of USD $79 from my credit card.   I stopped using Noton 360 about three months ago on advice of the technician who solved my flaky pc problem with intermittent crashes.

This morning after a long wait in the phone call queue  I spoke to a customer service rep and we got the automatic renewal turned off and a refund to my credit card in the works.  They were very helpful.  Apparently they send out a thirty day expiry notice email which inside notes that your software will be automatically renewed in thirty days.  I either didnt get the email, or ignored it and deleted it without reading it or my spam filter in Gmail nuked it.  Anyway, it is sorted out.  BTW the flaky pc has been rock solid since the second set of techs sorted out the problem.