2 classic film single lens reflex cameras

Nikon FM with MD-11 motor drive and Pentax Spotmatic both with f1.4 50mm lenses


Nikon FM
Nikon FM

This camera was purchased new by my late father who ramped up his interest in photography when he retired.  It is a shame that he got this just a few years before autofocus hit consumer level 35mm film slr cameras.  He struggled mightily with his bifocals and the FM viewfinder, also with getting a decent exposure for his photos.  For some reason he liked to shoot color slides and slides are unforgiving when it comes to exposure.

Pentax Spotmatic
Pentax Spotmatic

The Spotmatic was introduced by Asahi Pentax in 1964. Fully mechanical SLR film camera using 35mm film.  A small switch on the (photographer’s) left side of the lens housing was pushed up to stop down the lens and activate the meter; the exposure controls would then be adjusted to center a needle on the right edge of the viewfinder. The body took lenses with an M42 screw thread.

Ireland Cistercian Abbey pic bw

another old travel photograph in black and white, from a trip to Ireland in 1996. Camera Pentax PZ-1 with 28-80 zoom lens

major league gear loss

somehow last Thursday my Pentax K10d went missing….

either I left it somewhere, and I have retraced my steps or

someone lucked out and spotted it on the floor of my backseat and I was dumb enough to forget to lock the car, and given that it was one of those days with about ten stops and therefor ten chances to forget to lock it, that may be the answer.

It was a good camera.  I will miss it.

I am pondering whether to replace it and how to replace it.  I bought a Pentax Ds;r to make use of all my old pentax film lenses but then found I didn’t use them much.  I mainly used the kit lens, a 18-55mm da lens.  Some people scoff at the quality of the kit lenses, but seems fine to me. If I do that in future, I can buy a lower end dslr from Canon, Nikon, or Sony and be pretty much back into my old digital slr grooove

However, I am looking at a Samsung NX100  as a possible buy.

There is one other factor, DSLRs are heavy generally.  I found I often left the big guy at home and took a more compact camera with me, sometimes my Sony h50 and more recently my Samsung PL80, a very compact little guy indeed.  The  best camera is the one you don’t leave at home.

on our walk this afternoon Grace jumps up on me

Grace will be two years of age in June.  We have been to obedience school and she will heel for part of the time on our walks but sometimes she just turns into a mexican jumping bean.  photo made with a Pentax K10D and Pentax DA 18-55mm lens

picking a single classic manual film camera

On photo.net in the Classic Manual Camera Forum someone asked if you had to cull your collection of film cameras and keep just one camera and three lenses what would you select.

My choice would be the Pentax Spotmatic. The three lenses would be the Super Takumar 28mm f3.5 (landscape), 50mm f1.4 (general use), 105 f2.8 (portraits). These lenses are of all metal construction and superb quality optically.

My first 35mm film camera was a Pentax SP1000 which I bought after making a pile of money working construction at the Syncrude project on the Athabasca Tar Sands in northern Alberta in 1975.   This was the camera I used in my university days.

You can see what other film camera nuts thought in the thread found here http://photo.net/classic-cameras-forum/00WJUU

Bella grooming

new camera purchased recently, Pentax DSLR, K10D, lens a k mount SMC Pentax 50mm f1.4 manual lens

one of the attractions of the Pentax DSLR cameras is the ability to use older Pentax lenses in Aperture Priority mode.  That old glass lives again.

Ireland – Cistercian Abbey 1996

Ireland Cistercian Abbey 4 bw

Originally uploaded by canuckshutterer (W.J. Gibson)
colour print scanned and converted to BW, original taken with a Pentax PZ-1 with a Pentax FA 28-80 zoom lens

I have forgotten the town name, but it was about two thirds of the way across from Dublin to Sligo

this photo recently got a little extra attention on flickr and it is one of my favourite shots from my trip to Ireland, and so I blogged it.