the new roof leaks

a little…. actually snow blew in one of the whirlybird ventilators and a little puddle stain appeared on the old tiles of the  kitchen ceiling…. roof  was done this  fall. …. a call to the roofing company got them out first thing this morning…they popped the bird and inspected, reattached and added more caulking…..if the problem reoccurs we mayhave to go to the ultimate winter solution, a green garbage bag over the whirlybird.

I have put up a warning sign forbidding heavily laden reindeer hauled sleds from landing.

The Day of Battle: The War in Sicily and Italy, 1943-1944 by Rick Atkinson

Finished reading this detailed account of the battles of Sicily and Italy. It was a difficult read, not because of Atkinson’s style but because of the content. The incredible waste and suffering of so many soldiers and civilians. I had prior to reading this book only a sketchy idea of the Italian campaign. Growing up in Toronto, my next door neighbour was a Canadian Combat Engineer Major who I believe had been in Italy during the war. I thought of him often while reading this book. Highly recommended.