before the storm

We haven’t been to the off leash park in a week. It’s been so hot that the last time we went there we both had our tongues hanging out.  This evening I took Grace over in the evening dusk and coolness.  We had two nice laps with two other friendly pups and their moms.  Dark clouds to the SW.  At the end of the second lap, we saw a flash of lightning to the  S about a mile away.  Time to go home. A welcome treat to have a visit to the offleash where Grace felt totally at ease for the whole visit.  She turns one year old on the 21st of June.

Once home, I kept an eye on the storm and quickly mowed the lawn on the lake front side, the trees blocked the first few drops.

test today

Had to go to Orillia Hospital for a cardiolite stress test as part of work up for transplant consideration.

With an IV in my right arm I got some cardio sensors and climbed on the treadmill.  Once I got warmed up and they increased treadmill speed, the radio isotope was added via the IV and then to full speed very briefly.   My “training regimen” of extra walking with a dash of hill climbing at the off leash park helped.

Then a couple of glasses of ice water in the cafeteria and a stroll over to nuclear medicine where they took photos to track the isotope.  I have to go back to tomorrow morning for the second set of photos.  And then it is done.

the king of the fairies flies at night

if you look at the largest size you can just see the king’s face in the centre of the image – his wings sure are moving fast — a bi-symmetrical copy altered a heckuva lot in software but from an original photographic image – the original image was some ragweed growing in a line – major colour shift for the final surreal super saturated product

Good news, bad news

good news first: my sister had her broken wrist rechecked and re-xrayed and a permanent cast added.  She is doing fine and will not not need surgery.

bad news: a three month check up imaging of my fistula in my left forearm, my access site for dialysis, showed a narrowing at one end.  This means I will need surgery to fix it.  If this is not done the fistula will fail.  The surgery will involve taking a small piece of vein from my ankle and patching the fistula.  At first they wanted to do this by squeezing me in next week on Tuesday but I have a cardiolite stress test on that day and that test has part two on Wednesday.  The real difficulty is how to do dialysis.  I will find out this morning the details, but I suspect they will have to once again insert a central line in my neck.  This is how I did dialysis for the first year or so.  You cannot get a chest line wet, so no swimming, no baths, and taking a shower is an advanced case of caution.  Some people use saranwrap to protect their line.  Once the fistula is patched I am not sure how long it will take before it can be used and the chest line removed and I will be once again immersible.  I am very disappointed by this. I was looking forward more than eagerly to many swims in Georgian Bay this summer.  I live on the water and up until dialysis this was a big part of my life and a major pleasure. I don’t have many of those left in my dialysis life.

bear attack near Coldwater

Last Fall along with another photographer, I went to a spot nw of Coldwater, the Matchedash Bay Trail.  There is a news report of a Waubashene man being attacked by a black bear near the Kinnear Sideroad and Lawson Line.  This right by the trail area.  He was mauled and will require plastic surgery to help heal his injured legs.

At the time we walked in on the trail there was a notice that bears had been reported on the trail recently.  I am glad I did not meet any bears last fall, and I am very sorry that Mr. Marois did.

Sometimes it is easy to forget with all the houses being built in this area (we are 90 minutes from Toronto) that we live in a wild area and wildlife live here, some of it not always friendly.

veterans marching

a Veterans parade in Victoria Harbour, Ontario in 2007. I used colour film in a Pentax Spotmatic and used two lenses of the old Super Takumar variety, a 50mm f1.4 and a 105mm f2.8

These were veterans from the surrounding area. Quite a few people came out to watch them march from the Legion to the memorial park a short two blocks away.