my slideshow from photos WYE MARSH WILDLIFE CENTRE

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near Midland, Ontario in Canada

I have been visiting here for over 20 years.

photos of birds of prey, wetland, marsh, boardwalk, trumpeter swan, Canada geese, snow owl, turkey vulture, barn owl, red hawk, maple sap pails, tapped trees, maple syrup boliling, sugar shack, woodland trails.


one of my photos of the Marsh:

 Wye Marsh boardwalk


followimg up from my last post

Tonite I attended the AGM OF A VOLINTEER GROUP I have helped out with some technical matters over the past couple of years. Someone else is taking over from on the tech side.  Listening to the year in review crystallized for me how little enjoyment this participation has netted me.  The nature of this group is frustrating.  Lots of potential, but very little gets accomplished.  Some new people are stepping up.  Time to stay out of the way and let them try.


I ran across this line in an old Len Deighton spy thriller: “The Ark was built by an amateur.  The Titanic was built by professionals.”

reshuffling the deck

Talking about participation in volunteer organizations today produced in my noggin the following requirements:

  • You need to have an interest in the subject of the organization if not a genuine passion for it
  • your participation should benefit others not just you
  • You need to learn something from participating
  • You shouldn’t have to spend a fortune to participate
  • You should have fun as part of the experience

So applying this test series to my current organizations it is time to make some changes for 2012.