No call re kidney transplant.

The weather finally slid into summer humidity. Growing up I heard the term “muggy”. Probably from Electric_fanmy Mom. We have several strategically placed fans and two portable air conditioners stuck into windows. The ac units cool and the fans push the cool air down the hallway. It works fairly well. The kitchen stays too warm.  We avoid using the stove during, muggy weather.  The real trouble is the noise of fans and ac.  It makes it very difficult. Difficult to hear the television.  I especially struggle with tight lipped English accents.like Inspector James Hathaway on the Masterpiece series Inspector Lewis.Love the character and the series. I hope they carry on with Hathaway in the same way they did after the death of Inspector Morse. Regrettably this is the final season of Inspector Lewis. To combat the noise we have resorted to turning on the Closed Captioning.  Trouble here is that we cannot get one TV to display it. I have crawled through the menus with no luck.


A Hologram for the King (2016) with Tom Hanks. This movie it seems did not do well. Many reviews on IMDB were unhappy rants.  I added my two cents worth. Oh yeah, we don’t have pennies any more. My dime’s worth it is.

“A gentle dream ride of a movie

MILD SPOILERS AHEAD IN THIS REVIEW, PROCEED WITH THAT WARNING IN MIND. I fid16237confess I have not read the novel by Eggers. When I first considered renting this film, the title put me off. Something about “hologram” made me wary. But I put my trust in the artistic judgment of Tom Hanks. I know only a little about life in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A few glimpses of stories of the restrictions and the executions. I was able to comfortably identify with the Clay character (Hanks) as he struggled to move forward in the foreign culture. I understood his flashback recall of his life back in the States. I think they perhaps might have let him more deeply feel and show his fear about his medical concern. But as the story moves forward to the unexpected romance it turns a corner and pays off. The swim is for me one of the greatest movie scenes in my adult life. I will never forget it. Please do choose to watch this film. You will enjoy the dream ride.”

I have been moved to write just a few reviews on IMDB. This is a good film that bounced off the forehead of America. Their  hearts were not ready to open for it.

Watching this reminded me how much I have always loved movies.


Shout out

Do try Complications with Jason Mara. On Netflix.  I first saw him in the US version of Life on Mars.  Good actor.



trouble with the heat

When I arrived home from a meeting late last evening I was told by my sister who shares this little residence in paradise, the old family cottage/formerly parental unit retirement estancia that the somewhat old window unit AC cube was making such a racket and vibration that it was causing her ears to ring.  This was not good news.  She had just had her broken wrist cast removed in the afternoon and she has been struggling with me as her primary domestic chore doer and chauffer.  So I went around and opened every window in the place after checking the inside temp 86 F and studying the  outdoor thermometer, 80 F.  The AC unit got turned off.  The large box fan got wedged in the open but screened front window, one of many windows on that bayside wall.  The dog who was panting very rapidly got  taken by me out to my car and we went for a fifteen minute drive with the car’s AC unit going full blast.  That cooled off Grace, the one year old golden retriever.   I then sat in the dark of the sun porch with the box fan drawing outside somewhat cooler air inside.  I put an oscillating fan on the floor in hopes the dog would lie near it.  After an hour and with the inside temperature at least down to the outside temperature, I brought pillows from my bedroom to the sun porch and lay down there. I slept some and from time to time checked the temp.  We have a handy little digital thermometer from Radio Shack.  By 5 AM the room was down to 73.8 F.  And so it goes. It is now 532 AM and I need to get ready to head out for dialysis, but first I need to shut all the windows. My sister cannot easily close some of them.  The old place has done some settling and some windows need extra oomph to open or to close. I am almost looking back fondly on last summer when it was cool and rained a lot and I didn’t even bother to install the old, until this year, faithful AC window cube.  At least the dog cooled off and slept, my sister despite her ringing ears slept, and I slept a little too. The cats seemed to get a kick out of all the windows being open and with the AC unit off they could listen to the night sounds and mediate on who or what they would have liked to assassinate out there if they were allowed outside which they are not.  Around here I prefer the Fall and the Winter, although I would prefer a slightly shorter winter with as few days of -27 C weather as possible, thanks.  Spring is too cold, too wet, too muddy.  The Spring I want is the Spring they get in London, England in April. Those people really know how do April the right way.