new electronic typewriter, Brother GX6750

It is interesting to step backwards in the path of technology of the writing tool kind.  This thing is quite noisy, from the daisy wheel print head.  Still easy to use and fun.  Scary how many typos I left in the text.

Brother GX6750 electronic typewriter
Brother GX6750 electronic typewriter
sample text from Brother GX6750 electronic typewriter
sample text from Brother GX6750 electronic typewriter

a little typewriter hunting

Typewriter hunting

I took a drive down south of Barrie to the 400 Antique Mart just off the 400 super highway that runs down to Toronto.

Just three typewriters.  One, an early SCM office electric with no power cord.  One Underwood 5, rightly described as mint condition, but asking a silly, that is beyond outrageous price of $198.00.  I acquired an Underwood 5 not in mint condition from the Huronia Museum for $10.  The Underwood 5 was made in very large numbers, many have survived and the Underwood 5 is normally a 10-15 dollar item.  Worth adding to your collection, but not an item to kid yourself into paying 200 dollars.  They were an early practically indestructible office typewriter. OTOH it was the cleanest typewriter I have ever seen.  At the other end of the Mart another Underwood 5 asking a semi-comical $49.  I passed on all three.

I took a few photos in the Mart and one of an old Dodge up in Coldwater, Ontario.

I was fortunate in Barrie on the way home.  Went to Staples,  parking lot was awfully full.  Then I remembered it was the end of the afternoon of the first day back to school.  Last second school supplies were being sought.   I went backwards a few steps in the technology and bought a Brother electronic typewriter.  I will post about it later this week.

DSC_8583 -1 underwood
Underwood Typewriter
DSC_8577 -1
Voigtlander Vitessa rangefinder camera
DSC_8576 -1
Marshall’s Photo Retouching Kit
DSC_8574 -1
Bronson Altoona Casting Reel, fishing reel
DSC_8578 -1
Kid’s fancy western two gun rig, gun belt with revolvers
DSC_8572 -1
old Dodge

Imperial 58 typewriter two

bought this monster about 30 years ago at a church bazaar and lugged it home by public transit, for the next few days after my arms were about six inches longer than usual.

techless drift

I am beginning a slight movement to less daily technoactivity, that is less not eliminating it. I am still dragging my DSLR around.  But I am less frquently checking email.  I have been hammering away on my vintage portable typewriters for fun and cheap time travel.  The two are the Olympia SM-9 (bought new 1960s model) and the Smith Corona Sterling (bought used, a 1940s model).  I still do most of my writing using pen and paper and the pen lately is a Parker T-Ball Jotter (first produced in 1954).   I do try to spend at least two hours per day outside.  When winter descends that will be hard to achieve.  My TV watching is way down.

One of the pluses of Tech lately has been listening to podcasts of interviews from CBC’s Writer and Co. and TVOntario’s Allan Gregg Conversations. These help pass the time in the dialysis chair.

West German Olympia portable typewriter 1960s

West German Olympia portable typewriter 1960s

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became the family student typing machine in the late 60s, purchased by my parents and used by my sister and I….still have it, it still works.

looking on the net about old typewriters I found that this is part of a series of Olympia models still highly regarded as among the very best portable typewriters made.

see my newst old OLYMPIA TYPEWRITER,

To see a remarkable collection of vintage typewriters see:

Martin Howard Antique Typewriters Collection

Imperial Business Typewriter Back Spacer key

Imperial BackSpacer key

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Detail shot of the massive upright manual business typewriter that I bought some twenty years ago for $20 at a church bazaar in downtown Toronto…..I still remember being insane enough to buy this thing without my car. Instead I carried it out of the church basement, climbed on a streetcar, switched to the subway and then carried it the final five blocks to my bachelor pad near St. Clair and Yonge. None of my shirts fit for a week or so, my arms having stretched considerably. This typewriter has a theatrical resume having appeared in several plays including a production of The Rainmaker — Photo taken with a Nikon 5700