Surgery date

At last word of my open heart surgery, date of either September 30, or October 1 or 2. I hope I survive and recover. I hope I regain strength. Ideally I hope to once again walk without walker or cane. It has been a long wait. Almost ten months to prepare to maximize the chance of surgical success.

The weather has been especially fine. Blue skies.

making a chane in time of three out four dialysis treatments, moving to afternoons to noon to five o’clock from sueven AM to noon. This will be much better especially in the coming winter.

also next week my ride to dialysis will be via the Red Cross.  My sis who has been driving me needs a break. Her arthritis has grown worse.

I carry on.  I have greatl hope. There is no other way to proceed. God bless everylone who reads this, everyone who fights to live with health troubles.

Week in a blur

The past few weeks have flown by.  After dialysis I stay up briefly but turn to the oblivion of sleep into evening and night. Oblivion is the correct word. Because of more feisty arthritis, a bad back flaring and her tricky knee, I have “fired” my sister from driving me to dialysis. We had managed this way for about three months.  I have asked for Red Cross to transport my walker and I. My sister needs to rest. She needs to escape from some of her pain.

no word on heart surgery…