surprises today

I got a call a few moments after I surfaced this morning asking me if I wanted to come in early for dialysis. An offer I took.  I arrived for 11 am and left at 415 pm which was an hour and a half earlier than the usual deal.

Part way through the afternoon around the usual time we get tea, coffee, juice or water and a couple of digestive cookies, the three nurses came around the corner with a cart and on it a small coffee cake and five candles singing happy birthday.

yesterday was my 59th birthday,  I thanked them for their kindness and the other patients got some cake.

stuff and switches

this evening took out the window AIR CONDITIONER  unit in my bedroom since the overnight temp is to fall to -2C this night – it winters on a chair below the window of my bedroom, staring resentfully at me for not moving to Florida full time at some more opportune time during my little expedition through the universe

saw a skunk, a large beautiful one, crossing our road last night — I stopped to let him scamper across to the ditch and disappear into the brush.  excellent thick white striped coat.

saw a couple of moments of hail in yesterday’s cold rain

bought a reflective and high visibility safety vest to share with my sister when we are out walking, Grace, the golden retriever, during the dark dim October and November, seems like the worst time for being visible in the whole year.  I was nearly run over in broad daylight during the summer.   Glad I finally got around to buying this safety device.

watched the Werner Herzog film, Cave of Forgotten Dreams, about the 30,000 year old cave paintings found a few years back in the south of France, very limited access to help preserve the cave art, but still a beautiful film. Chauvet Cave is remarkable.

watching ABC prime time series Last Resort the new TV drama and liking it.

Monday and Tuesday some cardiac testing to help determine if I am viable for kidney transplant….necessitated some dialysis schedule switching…. no D today, but D on the ealry morning shift tomorrow….should be interesting getting up that early for Dialysis.

one of those things I hate

local camera club someone gave a presentation about photographic composition and how to take better photos the other night
they began by comically bragging about how they had stolen the content from some photographic authority whose name was not familiar to me

I hate people who steal intellectual property and joke in their effort to get you to sit still for it

Coldwater Fall Fair midway ride pic

Coldwater Fall Fair, in Coldwater, Ontario, about twelve km est of my home, overcast day, taken with a Nikon D3100 and 18-55mm lens, the lens that Ken Rockwell says is all you need to take all your shots, He may be right.

meditations on being a son and not being a father…

Gnawledgewurker and his knowledge work blog

On this day, October 2nd, in 1942, my grandfather, Dr. William Gibson, died of cancer.  This was one day after my father’s 23rd birthday.  1942 was the third year of the war, my father went into the Royal Canadian Navy.  He married my mother in March 1945 in Montreal.  My sister followed in 1949. I joined the team in 1953.  My father was 34 years old when I was born. He died when I was 39 years old.  So it occurred to me that I had him available for advice and to just plain talk to for 16 years longer than he had those chances with his father.

Although he had four brothers, two older, two younger, I don’t think he was close to them.  We lived far enough apart to make contact difficult.  So I ask myself who was his mentor during his twenties and thirties.  Who could he…

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dialysis progress

where you are an outpatient on life support…

lately all has been stable and well in my version of hemodialysis so I haven’t been blogging much on the subject, it gets to be like the familiar wallpaper of my universe.

over the next few weeks a few things should get settled after a flurry of appointments and tests:

  1. parathyroid surgery likely, not sure if this is a go or when it will get scheduled
  2. word on my cardiac status with regard to my viability for a kidney transplant

next month, in the first week of November will be my fourth anniversary of hemodialysis (November 6th or was it the 8th, 2008, have to check my notes on the exact day of starting)… has been an interesting ride so far.   I suspect that at the time I started I was not far from death, which is a longer story than I am inclined to type up today, I will save that for another day.

today I am sitting out on my back deck

in the almost sunny mild air tapping on this laptop, talking to Grace the golden retriever and marvelling at the number of chainsaws and other power tools in action in the neighbourhood today. Light aircraft passing, crows laughing and chickadees chattering.  Squirrel traffic is heavy as well.