Clinic visit yesterday

  • departed with Red Cross driver in mini-van at 6:05 am
  • traffic heavy, so 3.5 hours to St. Mike’s Hospital annex on Queen St. East near Yonge
  • blood sugar too high, we have been too light with insulin
  • they believe all my trouble are due to this
  • spoke with dietician re diet  addition to claw back to low vitamins
  • home by 4:15 pm, slow drive to Barrie
  • for various boring small idiotic reasons we had not got me weighed
  • since surgery I dropped from 105 kg to 91.1 kg; too much, too fast
  • extremely tired when home finally; long day.

rate of progress

slower than hell

tender knees…I may have overdone with a simple exerrcise: simply standing up at side of my bed with facing my long low dresser…doing two x twenty standups…set in AM, set in evening.

our long awaited bathroom reno starts Tuesday and lots of small things should take a week.  Really looking forward to end result.

Then purchase two more small book cases for large living room si nce we got rid of some ol askew, cheap tall ones.  We skinnied down the library one more time.


Lots of good things happening.  Kidney working well.  A great donated kidney.  I am incredibly lucky.

tricky, lucky day

this afternoon my sis fell in her bedroom racing to grab a phone call.

she is a kind, strong, celtic-viking Canadian retired RN.

she got herself up.

she is sore but otherwise unhurt.

this transplant recovery

business is not for sissies.

aflter this I prayed harder than I have ever before in my life.

God is good. It is a beautiful night.

smoothing and settling

tough day yesterday but thru we got. Today I feel stronger by the hour. All the new wrinkles, daily domestic stuff all smoothing into easier routine. Ten days since kidney transplant.


What I have learned is how well we had smoothed ou the life of dialysis. Very very smooth.

cardio rehab exercise start

This week I was assessed for exercise rehab following my open heart surgery.  Received some helpful notes and started two part routine: aerobic (walking) and muscle resurrection (hand weights).  This morning I used my walker to stroll quickly inside the house.  Fifteen minutes at a quick pace seemed like a small proof  of the Theory of Relativity. The cats were amused. I was a tiny bit winded and my recovery was easy and also quick.DSC04895DSC04897


Outside we received a few inches of snow with high winds during the night.  Georgian Bay is still rolling its waves. Today is bright sun shine and some -10 C.  A perfect Spring day. Laughing hysterically out loud.

Photos of our shore and the boathouse made with Sony Nex F3 and 18-55mm lens.

Cane time

This week I have been using my cane not my walker to move inside the cottage.  I have only begun this exercise. I am trying to recover my balance.


The other exercise this week is rising from my bed. From a sitting position on the bed I stand up using only my legs; no hands and arms. This works my quads. I already feel them getting stronger.

below a wooden cane fashioned by a friend of my fellow dialysis patient, Barry Assange. They live on Christian Island. My dresser needs some Spring cleaning.


Warmer today near 0 degrees Celsius. Ver windy. Lots of snow melting. A welcome change from last weekend and -30 degrees C. Can a gentle March be our fate this year.

Failed raid on Orillia

Fairly wretched celebratory lunch at Montana’s. The designer obviously can see in the dark. Reading the menu was toug. I grew tired of trying to discern my plate. If you go there bring a flashlight or a higway flare.

We skipped our other plans. Felt more  like a defeat than a celebration.

Still bad days can accompany good days. Strength wells up and sits right down again. Sliding forward, like wiggling my bum to get in and out of the car seat. Looking for a small beauty under my nose. Soon I will be back facing a purposeless stay on the green side.

“How often have I lain beneath rain on a strange roof, dreaming of home.”  William Faulkner, frpm I think Absalom, Absalom.

Auden won our word tennis match, five hours to one.

The new Man from U.N.C.L.E. Is a terrible movie, Guy Ritchie is a zero.

Sunday recovery notes

The bedroom closet got culled. Removed clothing will go to Salvation Army. Walking with the walker is good. Feeling stronger. My upper chest still sore. Very pleasing to have two days without clambering into the back of a car.

One bonus from the  closet cull, finding the second smart key missed for months. Welcome back. Grace was no help, but sat on my bed.