Thursday thoughts


Happened to watch on Youtube a CBS doc on Robert Kennedy narrated by Walter Cronkite. He spoke of the people who loved RFK and those who thought him ruthless. If you think of Kennedy and then open your eyes and see Donald Trump. It makes you ill. After RFK assassination, President Johnson called for a panel “to look into the violent fabric of America”.

Pencil Sketch

This evening out in the boathouse, I made a sketch of a great Canadian, Lord Strathcona, he of the CPR.

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The surprise of the week, a photo of Grace got spotlighted over on and has gained over 9000 views in 24 hours.

Grace on her 7th birthday


No word on the kidney transplant front.



for an hour or so today at dialysis, I drew this sketch of Samuel Beckett, my dialysis is four hours long….I go for dialysis four times per week….sketching passes the time…the drawing is not finished, needs some adjustments, catch lights added to the pupils will be especially value adding, still a good effort for 90 minutes of work

Samuel Beckett, my drawing
Samuel Beckett, my drawing