great app for the Blackberry Playbook, Pencil Camera

Great app for the Blackberry Playbook, Pencil Camera, allows you to filter a previously captured photo or to take one with the Playbook’s camera.  You apply one of several filters, pencial, charcoal, brushed, and my favourite, water paper, which gives a water colour look.  The fun part of the processing of the image is the sound clip of a furiously scratching pencil.  My photography hobby goes back to my teens and a 127 film camera.

Miss Grace who turns three this summer
moi using the Playbook camera to pop a photo directly into Pencil Camera, water paper effect

127 film camera Kodak Hawkeye Flashfun, from the 1960s, my first camera, still have it

Tiny Marshes

Blackberry Playbook camera shot

link below to slide show on of photos at Tiny Marshes near Elmvale, Ontario, added some new shots taken this afternoon.  I have been going there for several years.

painterly effected image

RIM Blackberry Playbook, why I chose it over an IPAD2 from Apple

  • RIM is a Canadian company and I am a Canadian
  • I believe RIM will resurge in the market
  • Apple seems to be too big in the tablet market
  • When Steve Jobs resumed control of the company he eliminated all of Apple’s charitable donations
  • worker abuse by suppliers to Apple, see NY Times article of Feb. 5 2012