interspecies cooperation

best buddies – Grace and Cadbury

these two hang out on the couch and curl up on beds, Cadbury likes to groom Grace’s face just about every day – all of the cats get along well with Grace but these two are best buddies.

the lingering cold

The lingering cold, meaning mine and the local weather.

A couple of days ago I finished the second course of antibiotics and still I am sick.  Better but still sick.  My sister is still stuck in her second bout of this darned thing, as well.  I don’t think I have ever blown my nose this many times before, not even if I added up all the colds I have ever had.  The cough is 99.9% non-productive.  I have been to see my family phizz twice over this thing.  Hopefully a little more patience and it will flee.

Although it was sunny and just -5C today, it was a bitter cutting cold.  I guess my body’s thermostat glanced at the calendar and bought into this Spring propaganda.

US CIVIL WAR Battlefield: Antietam Burnside’s Bridge_01

Rainy day for my visit to the Antietam Battlefield. Many Union troops were killed trying to cross here. The Confederates were on the high ground in the rear of this photo.

CV Bessa T101 and CV 35mm f2.5 Classic LTM lens – Fuji NPH

Sewing Susan – needles pack exterior

from my late mother’s sewing box – there is a stamp on the interior 1964-11

As she got older she used to ask me to thread her needles for her, I am not sure if I still could with my now aging eyes.

Edited photo downtown Barrie, Ontario – artillery

Last September I took this photo in downtown Barrie, Ontario. I manipulated DOF to isolate the artillery piece from the background using Corel Paint Shop Pro

winter cold mark II

I was well for a couple of weeks and then Mark II came to me.  Barking cough for eleven days and then a visit to the family phys and from there antibiotics and a bronchio dilator.   Still sick but it seems to be breaking up.  I am due in Toronto tomorrow morning for a followup med appointment, so an early rise and try to beat rush hour into TO.   Not sure what to do with the rest of my day in the big smoke, depends on how bad my cough is tomorrow.  Lots of rain here and that mildness is to last a few more days.  Had a nice lunch in Coldwater today.