picking a single classic manual film camera

On photo.net in the Classic Manual Camera Forum someone asked if you had to cull your collection of film cameras and keep just one camera and three lenses what would you select.

My choice would be the Pentax Spotmatic. The three lenses would be the Super Takumar 28mm f3.5 (landscape), 50mm f1.4 (general use), 105 f2.8 (portraits). These lenses are of all metal construction and superb quality optically.

My first 35mm film camera was a Pentax SP1000 which I bought after making a pile of money working construction at the Syncrude project on the Athabasca Tar Sands in northern Alberta in 1975.   This was the camera I used in my university days.

You can see what other film camera nuts thought in the thread found here http://photo.net/classic-cameras-forum/00WJUU


I spent some brain cells going through three bins full of old photographs. I was indulging in some time travel I will admit. Both black and white and colour memory, some 35mm, some 120 roll film prints. Kept a lot and tossed a lot. Many photos of the dogs and the cats, all models of each. Lots of old trips caught in photographic splendour. I sure wasted a lot of film over the years, but it was a pleasant time trip.  Found a few photos of my most elusive photo subject over the years, my mother.  Now I have to figure out how many to scan, and how otherwise to sort and store the keepers.

Bella grooming

new camera purchased recently, Pentax DSLR, K10D, lens a k mount SMC Pentax 50mm f1.4 manual lens

one of the attractions of the Pentax DSLR cameras is the ability to use older Pentax lenses in Aperture Priority mode.  That old glass lives again.