playing this afternoon

Played soccer with Grace, the  soccer star, in the back yard. Took a photo of a sketch try, using fountain pen and watercolour crayon.  I wonder could you tell your life story in coffee mugs. D’Youville College is where my sister took her master’s degree. I did not attend the University of Texas, but spent eight weeks in Texas  in 1996 on a writing sabbatical after the death of my mother. I do own a mug for Georgian College (my teaching and training adults certificate program) and University of Toronto (my bachelor’s degree).


Thursday thoughts


Happened to watch on Youtube a CBS doc on Robert Kennedy narrated by Walter Cronkite. He spoke of the people who loved RFK and those who thought him ruthless. If you think of Kennedy and then open your eyes and see Donald Trump. It makes you ill. After RFK assassination, President Johnson called for a panel “to look into the violent fabric of America”.

Pencil Sketch

This evening out in the boathouse, I made a sketch of a great Canadian, Lord Strathcona, he of the CPR.

27766104172_d666771f8b_z (1)




The surprise of the week, a photo of Grace got spotlighted over on and has gained over 9000 views in 24 hours.

Grace on her 7th birthday


No word on the kidney transplant front.



image.jpegThis evening I turned to size up how hot the dog might be in our sudden, hot, muggy May weather.  Grace was panting near Warp 9 so I called for my sister to help me. We got our two portable air conditioners installed with only a modest amount of vocabulary violations.  Grace is cool and asleep on my bed.  ALL IS WELL AND COOL.  We have liniment or equivalent if it is needed in the morning.



anti-winter humour photo project on FB

Today in honour of how bleak the grinding, bitter, ferocious winter has made me feel, I fought back with an anti-winter humour photo project on Facebook.  I set up a Facebook page for Grace the golden retriever who lets me stay in her house.


Grace will offer photos and advice on being a dog and being a human.


bumpy dialysis run

they had trouble with the arterial needle and had to insert a third needle.

by the time that was running correctly, I was feeling queasy and asked for a cold wet cloth for my head and then they gave some Gravol

I spent most of the run asleep….my standing bp post run was a little low 109/77 but I felt fine

when I walked out to the car the outside temp had risen to 3o Celsius

laying low in the cottage, ac and dehumidifier doing their best to keep us all cool,  Grace has regular respiration and that is my main concern when the frying pan heats up

looking down to Grace who is lying under my leg against the couch as we watch TV

she is my best friend, don’t tell the cats I said that.