Clearance and other deadly stuff

2015 is going to be a big year

dental surgery

I have aortic valve replacement surgery coming.  I was cautioned to get my dental situation checked out, since a dental infection can get to the site of the new valve.  This is so certain that the surgeon will not proceed with the surgery if the dental situation has not been checked and resolved.  Bad teeth are a family tradition.  My Dad had bad teeth.  My mother had all her teeth out when she was around thirty years old. I had a little trouble initially in getting an early appointment for oral surgery. But then a call came and I went in on Dec. 30th.  The Doctor took out my remaining upper and lower teeth that day.  This is referred to as “clearance.” George Carlin would have jumped all over that one. The extractions did not hurt.  What smarted was the freezing needle into my upper palate.  In fact, I though he was only about half done when he had complete all the work.  The tough part was the mouth full of gauze.

aortic valve surgery

Next is the valve replacement, consult in late January.  Surgery perhaps in February.  There are risks of heart attack or stroke with this surgery, aome five per cent. I should feel more energetic after the new valve.  My calcified valve is not opening or closing properly.  I cannot walk very far without pausing or without sitting down for a moment.  I cannot go into large stores because the distances are too much for me.  We kept our late Mom’s old walker.  I have been eyeing it lately. If things get any worse I may put it back into use.


Once the valve replacement is done I should return to the top of the kidney transplant  list —  back in October I received a call to come get a new kidney, but had to turn it down because there were a couple of big questions about my health that needed sorting out.  They have been answered.  The day that call came was  strange.  I had been led to believe I would receive a pager when I approached the very top of the transplant list.  I had not heard from the transplant folk since April.  So for two minutes I had a new kidney.  And then I didn’t.  I t has been 6 years on dialysis.  In some ways I cannot imagine how my life will be with a new kidney.  I think I know ,but my life with dialysis is quite engrained now. The diet, the lenghty time of treatment per week, 16 hours for me.

Weight loss success

Toothless is an aid for my weight loss campaign. At some point in 2014 I weighed 130 kg.  Yesterday after dialysis I weighed 108.5 kg.  For older, Imperial measure stuck folk, that is 45 pounds.  My current weight is about three pounds heavier than my weight during university forty years ago.  This took place over four months.  I feel much better for the weight drop.  I don’t feel like I am starving to death constantly.  Key was smaller portions, eliminate the junk food, and as much fresh food as possible.  I slipped up and had some junk food and found that after the absence the stuff tasted awful.

Pet Therapy

Lots going on and lots of curious moods and attitudes churning inside me, my heart and my mind.  I spend more time talking to and patting the cats.  Cat therapy is wonderful thing.  Grace the dog listens to my troubling thoughts as well.

Big changes this year. I hope it all goes well.