Dialysis run

Smooth run today.  Sloppy drive in this morning, with rain and a lot of moisture flying around from passing cars and trucks.  Temp was just above freezing.  I was out of there by 1150am.

I read from my IBook file of Tracy Kidder‘s My Detachment, his Viet Nam service.  I first encountered one of his books a long time ago, Soul of a New Machine, about the development of an early mini-computer.  He is a great American writer or non-fiction.

Back for more dialysis tomorrow at 1215pm until 1630pm.

Friday morning dialysis from 715am to 1145am.

Then in the afternoon from 4-7 pm on Friday, the retirement party for Jamie Hunter after 29 years at the Huronia Museum in Midland, Ontario.

Two video clips interviewing Jamie Hunter on his early interest in history and his first day at the Huronia Museum:

Jamie Hunter
Jamie Hunter



amateur videographer Bill Gibson, Huronia Museum volunteer

Sorry the one clip has poor audio level, still not quite sure why.  Still interesting to hear Hunter talk about his burning interest as a kid in local history.  Glad he was able to work his whole life within his passionate interest.


Huronia Museum (Photo credit: Canucklibrarian)


a little typewriter hunting

Typewriter hunting

I took a drive down south of Barrie to the 400 Antique Mart just off the 400 super highway that runs down to Toronto.

Just three typewriters.  One, an early SCM office electric with no power cord.  One Underwood 5, rightly described as mint condition, but asking a silly, that is beyond outrageous price of $198.00.  I acquired an Underwood 5 not in mint condition from the Huronia Museum for $10.  The Underwood 5 was made in very large numbers, many have survived and the Underwood 5 is normally a 10-15 dollar item.  Worth adding to your collection, but not an item to kid yourself into paying 200 dollars.  They were an early practically indestructible office typewriter. OTOH it was the cleanest typewriter I have ever seen.  At the other end of the Mart another Underwood 5 asking a semi-comical $49.  I passed on all three.

I took a few photos in the Mart and one of an old Dodge up in Coldwater, Ontario.

I was fortunate in Barrie on the way home.  Went to Staples,  parking lot was awfully full.  Then I remembered it was the end of the afternoon of the first day back to school.  Last second school supplies were being sought.   I went backwards a few steps in the technology and bought a Brother electronic typewriter.  I will post about it later this week.

DSC_8583 -1 underwood
Underwood Typewriter
DSC_8577 -1
Voigtlander Vitessa rangefinder camera
DSC_8576 -1
Marshall’s Photo Retouching Kit
DSC_8574 -1
Bronson Altoona Casting Reel, fishing reel
DSC_8578 -1
Kid’s fancy western two gun rig, gun belt with revolvers
DSC_8572 -1
old Dodge

Long day yesterday

Monochrome version of the IHS emblem of the Je...
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switched my monthly nephrologist consult from 115pm to 800am in Penetang…. to accommodate an information session by the Jesuits in English Canada re the proposed recycling plant to be built near the Martyrs’ Shrine and Ste. Marie Among the Hurons.  In the evening I went to the Huronia Chapter meeting of the Ontario Archaeological Society to hear Jamie Hunter talk about a partial collection of glass beads from the Ball site, a Huron Village excavation conducted over twenty five years by Wilfrid Laurier University.

my Friday overfloweth

Lots on my plate today.


  1. visited the Ellery Site, sw of Waverley, Ontario, on provincially owned land where Laurentian University Department of Anthropology held an archaeology field school.  Two Huron villages, one dated to the 1400s based on distinctive pottery style, and one to the contact (French trade and occupation in Huronia) roughly 1600 (trade goods coming up from Quebec and eastern shore of Canada) and 1650 (the year after the catstrophic war with the Iroquois when the Hurons abandoned the area).  Thanks to Robert Brown who guided me around.
  2. Dialysis, almost late. Went smooth enough until the very end when my blood pressure dropped. I felt lightheaded  when I stood up at the end of the run. They had to hand me several cups of cranberry juice.  Took almost 20 minutes to get it back up to 124 over 70. It had dipped to 88 over something or other when I stood up.  We conclude that we got too aggressive and took off too much fluid. Not a big concern.  I felt bad for taking so long on a Friday to get out after the run.  But not my fault.
  3. Attended an art show opening at the Huronia Museum, Alethia  photographs by Nick Anest, amateur photographer – Nick Anest was born in Midland in 1929 to Greek immigrant parents who ran The Midland Candy Works.  The people of Midland knew Nick Anest as the proprietor of “Uptown Billiards”.  Parking lot was packed, huge turnout.  Show celebrates community, family, multiculturalism.